Infusion Pumps

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Overview Infusion pumps have a wide range of applications and are used by a variety of medical professionals. An infusion pump is a medical device used to administer fluids to patients these fluids could include medicine, anesthetic or nutrients. Different … Read More

Dangers of entrapment

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TRH services can install and repairs hospital beds to ensure safety and reliability for the patients and staff of numerous medical facilities. These facilities range from nursing homes to hospitals, with the risk of these beds being entrapment. Despite beds … Read More

TRH Services 2019 Naughty & Nice List

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TRH Services 2019 Naughty & Nice List As the Christmas season approaches, we would like to say thank you to all TRH Services’ customers and vendors. We appreciate your business, and it had been a pleasure working with you throughout … Read More

Technical Insights: Hospital Beds

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Technical Insights: Hospital Beds   Unit Description: We all use beds to catch some rest after a long day, but what makes a hospital bed so special? Hospital beds are the primary point for administrating patient care in modern medicine. … Read More

Passport 8/12 Patient Monitors

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Passport 8/12 Patient Monitors Why the Passport 8 and Passport 12? TRH Services is a platinum dealer for Mindray North America and licensed by Health Canada. TRH is experienced and ideally suited to install and provide training and preventative maintenance … Read More

Midwifery Equipment Services

Midwifery Equipment Services TRH Services is highly involved with servicing equipment from the dynamic medical profession of Midwifery! With the hustle and bustle of the profession, midwives require their equipment to be ready for use and in working order at … Read More

Introduction to Dental Nitrous Gas delivery system

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Introduction to Dental Nitrous Gas delivery system A Nitrous Oxide delivery unit is a medical device for measuring, controlling and delivering medical gases in critical treatment procedures.  Nitrous Gas is widely accepted and a recognized conscious sedation technique to allow … Read More

Pulse Oximetry

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  What is Pulse Oximetry? Pulse oximetry is a non-invasive test procedure that is used to measure a person’s oxygen saturation levels in their blood. It works by detecting the amount of oxygen bonded hemoglobin cells that are in a … Read More

Scavenging Systems

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Scavenging Systems In today’s veterinary offices it is important to implement a reliable and fully operational scavenging system to complement your medical gas system.  The reason for the scavenging system is to remove the wasted anesthetic gas form the sedated … Read More

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