We offer Scale Calibration and testing for hospitals, long-term care facilities (LTC Facilities), clinics and more to ensure the required level of accuracy when results are dependent upon weights.

Annual Calibration of your Scale is essential to ensure that your Scale accurately measures weight and is crucial in many settings, including Laboratory. Over time the accuracy of your scales can drift due to use; wear and tear and temperature changes are some of the reasons the Scale can drift. Having to scale regularly can help correct inconsistencies before they become a problem.

Getting your Scale professionally calibrated can positively impact the compliance, consistency, and quality of your work.

Additional Benefits

You become a preferred customer by selecting us as your medical equipment repair specialists.

You also receive a complete maintenance report for all services completed by TRH Services for your company, helping your accreditation if this is a company goal. Lastly, with this program, we can notify you when your equipment is approaching the end of its useful life and advise you on accredited replacement options.

TRH Services test programs ensure your equipment meets CSA standards and manufacturer’s specifications.

Health Canada licenses us to distribute Class I, Class II, Class III, and Class IV devices;

Our test equipment is calibrated yearly basis to ensure its accuracy when testing.

The quality and professionalism of our staff make a difference. More than 25 years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers across Canada prove our excellent customer service.