Veterinary Anesthesia Machines

Is it important to keep your veterinary anesthesia machines at their best?

In our many years of experience, we have encountered many veterinary anesthesia machines that leak and are difficult to operate because of poor design. Repairs can also have a big impact on time and money for veterinary clinics. While it may seem obvious that performance and efficiency are increase with properly maintained equipment, it is surprising how many veterinary clinics work with companies that do poor repairs or just simply allow the machines to malfunction and eventually break before calling for help.

At TRH Services we promote only the best veterinary anesthesia machines and provide top level quality in repairs and parts. Our maintenance programs are designed to ensure the proper operation of your equipment and keep it working for longer at higher efficiency levels, saving you time and money while improving your safety and the health of your patients.

We also offer a wide range of veterinary anesthesia machines for your clinic. These machines are at excellent performance levels and come with our TRH Services warranty.

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We provide service in every province from BC to Newfoundland, from Ontario to Nunavut and will come to your practice to service your equipment onsite.