Shipping Methods

  • Ship your equipment using your account with a shipping company if you have one.
  • If you do not have an account with a courier, you can request a specific company, and we will bill you the shipping costs.
  • Ship through our courier. We generally work with Canpar/DHL, but occasionally use FedEx. If provided, we will give you the tracking number once your equipment/order has been shipped.

Handling Fee

All shipments leaving our facilities are subject to a handling fee associated with the product. This fee covers shipping materials and the time required to fill out shipping forms.


Insurance can be purchased should you want your package to be fully covered during shipping. Shipping insurance ranges in price depending on the value of your equipment.

Your Responisbiliy to Inspect Packages and How to Make a Shipping Claim

The shipping document is included in all shipments. We have inspected, checked and packaged this shipment carefully. 


Upon the arrival of this shipment, it is your responsibility to:

  1. Check the number of pieces against the shipping document
  2. It is imperative that the receiver thoroughly inspect all articles at the time of delivery, especially for hidden damage “the signing the common carrier’s delivery receipt.” If it is not convenient to check for hidden damage at this time, do so within five days
  3. If there is damage, you should record the model the description of the item(s) on the common and delivery receipt. Note: record factual and precise information and indicate whether the shipment was in a shipping box, on pallets, banded in the master carton or shrink wrap, etc.
  4. Take photographs of the damaged item(s) and all of the packing material(s), and if possible the carrier who delivered it
  5. Request the driver to sign and date the delivery receipt and at the time of delivery, making notations of exceptions on the delivery receipt will increase your chances of compensation when you present your claim to the common carrier.
  6. All damaged item(s) claims must be submitted within seven days of receiving the shipment.

 Contact the common carrier immediately in the event of a damaged shipment and confirm in writing. Do not destroy the damaged goods. Contact TRH Services or Brandon Biomed to indicate the damaged sustained during the shipping process. 

Please advise us of a pending claim against the common carrier. We will arrange for any additional documents necessary for a claim. Failure to follow the above directions may invalidate your claim against the common carrier.