Ensuring hospital bed rails are compliant is crucial for maintaining the safety and well-being of residents at your facility. TRH Services provides compliance audits for all makes and models of hospital beds and rail systems. Our audits are designed to identify and address compliance issues to ensure that residents are safe and secure.

Maintaining compliance with hospital bed rail safety measures is crucial for ensuring the safety of patients in any medical facility. To support your efforts in this area, we provide a comprehensive preventative maintenance package that includes a full Rail Compliance Audit for beds, covering all zones 1-7, and a total facility compliance program.

Annual Rail Audits are recommended to ensure compliance with guidelines for all makes and models of hospital beds. Our audits utilize the industry standard B4000 test kit to ensure that all safety measures are up to par and in line with current regulations.

Our Rail Compliance Audits include a range of critical safety checks to ensure that hospital bed rails are fully compliant with all regulations. In addition, we provide fully detailed reporting with a certificate of compliance issued.

By utilizing our Rail Compliance Audit service, you can ensure that your hospital beds are safe and fully compliant with all regulations. In addition, our comprehensive reporting and certificate of compliance provide peace of mind and support for your facility’s overall safety program.

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