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END OF LIFE: What does it mean?

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There are many factors that can cause a unit to be deemed end of life, but the main reasons are when the manufacturer has decided they will no longer support parts or service of your device. Typically, this happens within 10 years of the unit being produced, sometimes, it is as early as when the new model is released.

What does this mean for your unit that has been marked as end of life, it means that parts and software updates may or may not be available going forward to maintain your machine. Thankfully if your unit still has an active Health Canada License and a third-party manufacturer has taken up producing these parts or bought up all the old stock from the OEM we can still get parts to complete repairs on your unit. However, if the Health Canada License has expired or was not renewed by the manufacturer, it is illegal to purchase parts for these units and that is when it’s time to look into purchasing a new unit.

The TRH Value

The value of choosing TRH Services to look at your equipment is that we are a part of most manufacturer’s news feeds that let us know when equipment is going obsolete.  By doing this we can stay up to date on the equipment that we are maintaining.

Written by: Caitlin Vanderkwaak

Edited by: Tyler Hasenpflug CET