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Air Mattresses in Healthcare

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In any healthcare setting, whether a hospital or a long-term care facility, you will probably run into air mattresses instead of the traditional ones you would expect to see. These air mattresses are very important for patients who are immobile or will be laying in bed for long periods because they reduce the risk of bed sores/ pressure ulcers forming. The mattress does this by using different settings to increase and decrease the pressure throughout the mattress cells at set time intervals. Most units also come equipped with a CPR quick deflate, which allows the clinician to start compressions quickly with no lost time, and a firm setting which can assist the clinician when the patient needs to be transferred to another bed or moved during a bath.

Common issues seen in these units are air leaks, excessive noise or cracked casings from being dropped or run into during transport. Most of these issues are found during our preventative maintenance procedures and can be repaired to give your patient the best outcomes during their stay in your facility.

At TRH Services, we can service many different makes and models of air mattresses found throughout different health facilities. Call us for any preventative maintenance, repairs, or replacement parts you require. At TRH Services we are fully manufacturer trained on all SPAN air mattress systems. We can work with your facility to ensure that your products are repaired correctly and in a timely manner.

Here are some common air mattress systems we work on

DescriptionManufacturerModel Number
Air MattressCaremed Supply Inc.9000E
Air MattressJoerns Healthcare Inc.Arise LAL
Air MattressJoerns Healthcare Inc.dermafloat APL
Air MattressJoerns Healthcare Inc.ES2
Air MattressKCI USA Inc.40525C
Air MattressKCI USA Inc.M6257763
Air MattressKINETIC40525C
Air MattressMason Medical ProductsMason Air LS/AS 8800
Air Mattress SystemSpan America6500
Air Mattress SystemSpan America8400SC
Air Mattress SystemSpan America8410

Written by: Caitlin Vanderkwaak
Edited by: Tyler Hasenpflug CET