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Our Technical Services Offered

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What Technical support Service Does TRH Services Offer?

  • Calibration and Safety Inspections
  • Non-Warranty Repair (for a complete list of equipment click here)
    • In Shop Repairs
    • On Site Repairs
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Warranty repair (Only on Equipment sold by TRH Services)

Calibration and Safety Inspections
A calibration and safety inspection involves TRH Services performing a comprehensive test procedure on your equipment. This procedure can either be done on your site, or in our shop, however, some exceptions may apply for onsite calibration procedures, due to the equipment required.

Calibration involves a Biomedical Technician / Technologist performing an equipment specific calibration procedure on a piece of equipment. This procedure can involve calibrating the output of a device, to calibrating specific internal values in a device. The equipment that we use to calibrate your equipment is calibrated on a yearly basis, to ensure that the values that we calibrate you equipment to is accurate. Our calibration procedures meet Health Canada standards, and all of your accreditation needs.

Safety Inspections
Safety inspections involve a Biomedical Technician/Technologist performing an equipment specific test. The safety inspections that we perform on your equipment meet Health Canada and CSA Standards. Our safety inspections ensure that your equipment is safe for both the users, and the patients on your equipment.

Non-Warranty Repair – In Shop Repairs
TRH Services offers a comprehensive in shop repair service, which provides you with several options to suite your particular needs. There a few methods in which you can get your equipment to us to be repaired:

  • Shipping
    • Shipping your equipment is the most popular option for the repairs that we complete in shop. This method is popular for two reasons. The first reason is, because it is generally cheaper to ship your equipment to us, when compared to having us drive out to your location and pick it up to be repaired. The second reason is speed, shipping the equipment ensure that it will get to our shop in a timely fashion.
  • Drop Off
    • By dropping of the equipment at our site, it will have you money, because you no longer have to pay for shipping of your equipment.
  • Pick Up
    • Pick up involves a TRH Services Staff member coming to your site, to pick up the equipment that has malfunctioned or needs repair. With this method you will be charged travel time for the round trip.

Non-Warranty Repair – On Site Repairs
TRH Services offers a comprehensive on site repair service, which provides you with a Biomedical Technician / Technologist (Biomed) who is professionally trained on your equipment. The Biomed will arrive at a date and time that best suits your schedule, which will be setup when you call the repair into the shop. The Biomed will then travel out to your clinic, with some parts, a service manual, and test equipment to assist with repairing your equipment. If the equipment cannot be fixed at this point, another appointment will be schedule at a later date.