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System Upgrades

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Increasing Efficiency, Decreasing Costs

Corporations who change with the times, grow with the times. Greater efficiency has the potential to be the biggest cost-reducing proponent in a business, depending on your company’s goal. Written into the TRH mission statement is a goal to provide efficient services at a minimal cost, without sacrificing quality. To live up to these standards, we have implemented a new Work Order Management System that not only looks more professional, but aims to satisfy both
company and client by reducing overhead costs which can swell from inefficient management and inventory systems. Our improved commitment towards greater efficiency now allows us to sell the same quality parts as always, but for less.

System Upgrades Mean…

  • Improved equipment-history tracking (repairs and maintenance)
  • Accurate and easy to use asset management systems.
  • Better phone-message tracking
  • Enhanced current work order systems (in-shop repairs)

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