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Asset Management

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TRH Service’s Asset Management program is a comprehensive service which expedites a complete equipment inventory of a corporation. Our Asset Management program is structured so that it provides a secured electronically stored database of all of your equipment.

This program allows you to handle your inventory on your site, whether on one location or more. This program comes with the ability to add, edit and delete inventory when necessary. The program also comes with the ability to store photos for each piece of equipment that has been inventoried. The program comes with the ability to store up to 10,000 pieces of equipment.

TRH Services can also determine the present value based on the condition of your equipment. TRH Services can also help you find new and used equipment based on your needs.

Why implement an Asset Management Program?

Asset Management programs are important part of your business, because they help determine the value of all equipment that is on your site. This helps with insurance in the way that they can determine a more precise value for how much your equipment is valued at to replace. This could lower your insurance rates, or help you come up with an insurance rate that better covers your equipment on your site.

Theft / Lose of Equipment

Asset management also helps with theft on your site, because you can now track each individual piece of equipment by serial number or asset number. This helps the police in your area find your piece of equipment. Each year police find hundreds of items that were stolen, but no one ever claims them, because they do not have their piece of equipment uniquely identified. Our Asset Management program will help you provide information to the police that can help find your stolen or missing piece of equipment.
Selling / Buying Equipment

As a buyer/seller of a business this program will help to ensure that you get the most accurate value for your equipment. This will make certain that the value of the equipment is at a fair retail value.
More Information and Pricing
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