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Accuracy Breeds Safety

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Our NEW equipment arrives!

As many of our clients already know, our services include a wide variety of technical support programs, such as equipment calibration, repair and preventative maintenance. Ongoing advancements in technology are now challenging companies to “keep up” by updating machines, and the equipment used to test them: This is especially true when considering the importance of accuracy and safety in professions cultivated by medical and environmental concerns.

Currently, TRH Services is in the process of upgrading our test equipment in order to meet the needs of the new and improved equipment materializing in the present day. The benefits of this development reach farther than simply new technology: Our state-of-the-art equipment will competently test ALL of your equipment–new, old and everywhere in between.

With these new components we can test equipment according to standards set out by Health Canada and CSA manufacturer specifications with much greater accuracy and confidence than previous equipment allowed.

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