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Ultrasound Preventative Maintenance

Ultrasound Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance on therapeutic ultrasounds is necessary to ensure the proper function of your ultrasound for a couple of reasons. Having your ultrasound maintained at least on a yearly basis will ensure the units longevity for years to come and will ensure that the unit is safe to use on patients and complies with the manufacturer and industry standards.

It is important to keep your ultrasound maintained as it will make sure that the ultrasound is administering the correct output for the prescribed procedure. It is common for an ultrasound to be out of calibration i.e.: either too high or too low.  If the output is too low or non-existent there is a chance that you may be not helping the patient as the patient is not receiving the prescribed treatment.  If the output is too high one of two things may happen, there is a chance that you can permanently damage the ultrasound applicator to the point where it will need to be replaced or that you may even cause discomfort to the patient by the applicator heating up, in some rare cases it can burn patients.

During the maintenance of an ultrasound there are many things that can fail.  Just like any piece of medical equipment that is plugged into a wall an electrical safety check is performed.  The electrical safety check includes checking the ground wire resistance, leakage current, and the total current output of the device.  If any of these safety checks fail there is a potential for a patient to be harmed or the device to fail.  Other things that typically fail during the preventative maintenance process may be any physical damage to the device, usually this is damage to the applicator or the applicator’s cord. Different failures that may occur with an ultrasound include various error codes that can mean a multitude of things from any of the circuit boards and their components failing to the applicator overheating or disconnected.

The TRH Value

The added valve of choosing TRH Services to complete your maintenance and repairs on your ultrasound machines is that we will ensure that your device will be in great working condition for you and your patients for the next year and it will be fully certified.  The next value option that we have is that you can easily drop the equipment off at our site which is located at 23-140 McGovern Dr., Cambridge, Ontario, or we can provide onsite service to your facility if you are located in South-Western Ontario (London, Toronto, Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, Hamilton, etc.).

Common Ultrasound Units

Listed below is a short list of some common ultrasound units that we work on a regular basses:


Manufacturer Model Number Manufacturer Model Number
AMG Medical Inc 245 Mettler Electronics Corporation ME706
Bosh Sonomed 5 ME730
Burdick Corporation N/A ME176
U-163 ME702
UT-400 ME705
UT-420 ME715
Chattanooga Group Intelect (230P) ME716
Intelect (240) ME720
Intelect (245MP) ME7331
Intelect Mobile Ultrasound (2776) ME740
Intelect TranSport (2782) ME740X
ForeUS CPS Sonicator II
Forte US Physio Technology, Inc. 120 2000
I200 Sound 120 3000C
Intelect (225P) 120 3000US
Intelect Mobile Ultrasound (2776) 1201000
Intelect (300) 120-10001
Intelect Legend 120-2000
Intelect Legend US 1203000C
Current Solutions LLC SoundCare Plus 2000
US 1000 3 3000
Dynatronics Corporation D100 3000C
D125 3000US
D150 3070A (Omnisound)
D150+ 3070C
Electro-Medical Supplies Ltd. 2-82/9 3090A
3-81-9 Omnisound 1000
460 Omnisound 2000
79-9 Omnisound 3000
80 Physiomed Physiosoh-03
81 Physioson Expert
81-9 Physioson03
Therasonic 350 Rich-Mar Corporation 081996
Therasonic 450 25
Therasonic 455 Autosound 5.6
Therasonic Mark 3A Autosound 7.6
EMS Physio Ltd Therasonic 460 RM V
Therasonic 460 RM2060
Enraf-Nonius B.V. 1434.902 Therasound 3.4
1463 900 Therasound
Sonoplus 434 Therasound 2.5
Sonoplus 463 Therasound 3
Excel Tech Ltd. Ultra SX Therasound 3.5
Ultramax Therasound EVO
GymnaUniphy N.V. 190i Siemens 014-0-928
Phyaction 190 631
Phyaction 190i 633
Phyaction U 833
Phyactoin 190i Sonostat 633
Uniphy Sonostat 733
Koalaty Products Inc. US1000 Sonic Releif SR-957
US10003rd Sono Plus 434
Metron Medical Australia Pty Ltd ACCUSONIC PLUS Sun-Rain System Corp. SU-100
ACCUSONIC PLUS US Williams Healthcare Systems 0600
AP170 600
AS270 Zimmer Elektromedizin Corp. Soleo Sono
ZMI Electronics, Ltd. 1203000C


Written By: Greg Kishimoto
Edited By: Tyler Hasenpflug CET


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  1. Patricia Pedersen

    What does it mean if the sound head is not coupling and the indicator light is always in the yellow and is beeping?

    • Tyler Hasenpflug

      Hi Patricia,

      Typically it means that the unit is not coupling which could be due to a number of reasons. The first thing to check is to ensure that you are using enough ultrasound gel and it is not expired. If you are using the correct amount of ultrasound gel and it is not expired then the problem could be with the ultrasound applicator or the calibration on the unit. The next step would be to have us inspect the unit to see if it is either a problem with the ultrasound applicator or the calibration on the unit. Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns or send us an e-mail to discuss your options.

      Best Regards,

      Tyler Hasenpflug CET
      Director of Sales & Service

  2. Germaine

    thank so much for your site it assists a whole