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TRH Services 2019 Naughty & Nice List

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TRH Services 2019 Naughty & Nice List

As the Christmas season approaches, we would like to say thank you to all TRH Services’ customers and vendors. We appreciate your business, and it had been a pleasure working with you throughout 2019.

Over the course of the year, we come across a variety of equipment at all stages of life. In the spirit of the season, we have come up with a list of this year’s naughty & nice medical equipment.

The Naughty

Bad Bursting Batteries


The naughty devices above showcase the common battery issues that our team comes across every year. The expanded battery on the left was in an old infusion pump. The battery leaking on the right was found in a neuromuscular stimulator. Batteries in this state can damage equipment to the point of beyond repair. Unfortunately for the neuromuscular stimulator, this was the case. To prevent these kinds of issues, observe the following measures:

  • Batteries should be replaced on a regular basis, according to manufacturer recommendations.
  • If units aren’t going to be used for an extended period, batteries should be removed from the unit.
  • All batteries should be replaced at the same time in a device – do not mix and match different types, brands or ages of batteries.
  • Batteries and battery-powered devices should be stored in moderate climates. Extreme temperatures and humidity can result in battery leakage.

Disobedient Display of a Vital Signs Monitor

These vital signs monitor display ceased functioning in 2019. Display issues should be addressed as soon as they are identified as non-functioning pixels that can result in incorrect vital readings. To check for a damaged screen, check all the pixels on the start-the up of the monitor when they should all be lit. Thankfully, this monitor issue was a quick fix. TRH Services replaced the display, and the monitor didn’t have any more problems afterwards.

Jury-Rigging Jenga IFC

This older interferential unit was giving some output issues. When TRH Services opened it up to have a look, it was being held together by Jenga blocks! It appears to be installed with the intention of holding the mainboard in place, isolating it from the case. When it comes to medical equipment, there is no place for jury-rigging. Jenga blocks do not meet electrical safety standards, and repairs such as these should be carried out by qualified technologists with original equipment manufacturer parts. Very naughty!

Unruly Ultrasound Cable

Therapeutic ultrasound was sent into TRH Services’ shop for preventative maintenance. The insulation on the cable for the ultrasound probe had been damaged, exposing electrical wiring. This is an electrical safety hazard for both the clinician and patient and can also affect the output of the ultrasound. Cables such as these should be inspected on a regular basis as wear and tear are common. Damage to cable insulation should be repaired immediately to eliminate safety hazards.

The Nice

Admirable Autoclaves

TRH Services installs preventative maintenances kits on dozens of autoclaves a year. The image on the left is of a clean and well-maintained water reservoir on an EZ10 Tuttnauer autoclave. The image on the right is of a worn door gasket to be replaced on an M11 Tuttnauer autoclave. Preventative maintenance kits for autoclaves typically include components that experience wears over time and require routine replacement: door gaskets, chamber filters, door switch boots, door bellows, air-jet valves and HEPA filters. Maintaining clean water in autoclaves is another critical aspect of keeping all components operational within a sterilizer. These units set great examples of how to extend the lifespan of sterilizing equipment.

Wonderful Wax Bath

The wax bath shown made TRH Services’ nice and clean list. This unit was sent into TRH Services shop for its yearly maintenance, which includes an electrical inspection, functional inspection and full cleaning. Regular cleaning of wax baths prevents electrical and biohazard issues in the years to come. Accumulation of wax on electrical components within a wax bath can severely shorten the equipment lifespan. Ensure that your wax baths are always at least 50% full of wax and are cleaned when sediment accumulates in the wax.

Scale Within Spec

This infant scale was calibrated as part of TRH Services’ yearly onsite preventative maintenance program. The scale calibrated perfectly and is in great condition. Accuracy of scales is critical in the medical industry as this biometric is considered by medical professionals in a wide range of fields, including diagnosis, the progression of treatment and medication administration. All scales should have routine output verification to ensure the accuracy of readings.

Nifty Nitrous Oxide Unit

Last but not least, this image is a back view of a Nitrous Gas Delivery Unit that has been maintained in great condition. This unit has had inspection and output verification for several consecutive years. This unit is sporting nitrous oxide and oxygen hoses that are compliant with Canadian medical gas colour coding standards. All too regularly, TRH Services comes across green oxygen hoses in the dental industry, which is a US standard and not compliant here in Canada.


We hope our 2019 Naughty & Nice list has been informative and look forward to helping your equipment make it & stay on the nice side of 2020’s list.

Thanks again for a wonderful year and best wishes in the new one to come!

TRH Services


Written By: Hannah Arthurs, EIT

Edited By: Tyler Hasenpflug, CET