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Treatment Table

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Treatment Table

This blog will outline the fundamentals and the importance of maintenance, TRH Services has for a treatment table in a clinical setting. TRH services ensures that all aspects of operation and safety are upheld by manufacturing standards as well Health Canada standards. These aspects are split into three major categories being; Electrical Safety, Operational Importance and Biohazard Prevention.

Electrical Safety:

During preventative maintenance testing TRH services ensures that the treatment table has no damage to the power cord or motor. We will check to make sure the unit is using a medical grade power cord. As a company, we use verified equipment to ensure that the treatment table is under the maximum leakage currents allowed, for patient safety purposes. We test to ensure the ground resistance to earth is below Health Canada standards and the motor is not drawing or exceeding the current limits during operation.

Operation Importance:

It is important to the client as well as the clinical engineer that a treatment table can provide maximum safety and operation to ensure best possible outcome to a patient. This can range from brake operation to Trendelenburg operation depending on the units model and function. We first check to ensure the unit can move from one position to another with ease and at full range of motion to manufacturing standards. We lubricate all washers and bolts to ensure no stiffening of joints occurs during operation.

Trendelenburg is an operation found in more advanced treatment tables that allow clinicians to place the patient in a position that elevates their feet above their head up to 30 degrees. This is just one example that would be completed during an operational test.

Other aspects of operational importance can be;

  • Frame structure, which ensures no cracks, breaks and missing bolts/nuts are present to the treatment table.
  • Frame Balance, ensuring that the treatment table cannot tip during use or at heightened operation.
  • Ability of the treatment table to lift and lower with applied weight specified to the models manufacturing standards.
  • No damage is present to the upholstery.

Biohazard Prevention:

This very important aspect covers the ability for clinical staff to be able to sterilize treatment tables properly after use by ensuring upholstery is not damaged or showing signs of wear. After long periods of movement on a treatment table the upholstery can start to wear down and split. This allows bacteria’s such as influenza to build underneath the upholstery and makes it very difficult for staff to sterilize.   TRH services ensures that treatment tables are maintained and repaired to prevent bacterial build ups in all sections that contain upholstery.


The TRH Value:

TRH services works on a large range of treatment tables in various clinical environments such as hospitals, physio/massage clinics, dental clinics, veterinary hospitals, research facilities and more.
Choosing TRH services will allow your establishment to provide safe and proper operational equipment.
We also provide onsite and offsite maintenance/repair across Ontario.

Equipment Supported:

Here is a brief list of some of the treatment beds that we support here at TRH Services


Equipment Inventory – Descriptions
EID ManufacturerEID Model Number
Akron Therapy Products2232A
Akron Therapy Products3282
Akron Therapy Products4192
Akron Therapy Products4411
Akron Therapy Products8442
Akron Therapy Products92320
Akron Therapy Products9232B
Akron Therapy Products9232C
Akron Therapy ProductsA4522/UL15FS
Akron Therapy ProductsN/A
Akron Therapy ProductsQ8902
Armedica Manufacturing Corp.AM240
Armedica Manufacturing Corp.AM300
Armedica Manufacturing Corp.AM334
Armedica Manufacturing Corp.AM350
Armedica Manufacturing Corp.AM450
BHM Medical Inc.81713-51-0000X
BHM Medical Inc.81713-51-000X
BHM Medical Inc.Medi-Plinth
Brookdale Medical Specialties11713-605
Brookdale Medical SpecialtiesP3
Cardon Rehabilition and Medical Equipment LTD.1227267
Cardon Rehabilition and Medical Equipment LTD.27110
Cardon Rehabilition and Medical Equipment LTD.27112
Cardon Rehabilition and Medical Equipment LTD.27710
Cardon Rehabilition and Medical Equipment LTD.BT-500
Cardon Rehabilition and Medical Equipment LTD.CTT-R27627
Cardon Rehabilition and Medical Equipment LTD.MPT
Cardon Rehabilition and Medical Equipment LTD.NA
Cardon Rehabilition and Medical Equipment LTD.R27110
Cardon Rehabilition and Medical Equipment LTD.R27112
Cardon Rehabilition and Medical Equipment LTD.R27112-99
Cardon Rehabilition and Medical Equipment LTD.R27116
Cardon Rehabilition and Medical Equipment LTD.R27627
Cardon Rehabilition and Medical Equipment LTD.27010
Cardon Rehabilition and Medical Equipment LTD.N/A
Cardon Rehabilition and Medical Equipment LTD.XR3/E/I
Chattanooga Group5990E (5804) 5995E (5803)
Chattanooga Group9100 (ES2000)
Chattanooga GroupADP-300
Chattanooga GroupTRE-DH3
Chattanooga GroupTXF-7
DMI Custom Quality Furniture10-090
DMI Custom Quality FurnitureB10
Elite Electromedical0302-8
Elite Electromedical03118108
Elite ElectromedicalChiro Table
Elite ElectromedicalK0173
Elite ElectromedicalK0174
Elite ElectromedicalN/A
Everyway Medical Instruments Co., LTDEU25
Follo Corpus X4192
Follo Corpus XFS116-200-00-3
Follo Corpus XN/A
Follo Industries A/S1191E
Follo Industries A/S1192E
Follo Industries A/S1192H
Follo Industries A/S1193H
Follo Industries A/S1225
Follo Industries A/S1241
Follo Industries A/S1430AS
Follo Industries A/S4142
Follo Industries A/S4182E
Follo Industries A/S4192
Follo Industries A/S4192E
Follo Industries A/SBrekkeveien 43.1430AS
Follo Industries A/SFS116-200-00-3
Follo Industries A/SN/A
FoundationAster MK2
Hanning1492 2E
Hanning3 Sections
Hanoun Medical inc.,KL88 NO. KO
Hausmann Industries Inc.4300
Hausmann Industries Inc.4380
Hausmann Industries Inc.6284
Hausmann Industries Inc.Table
Hill LaboratoriesAir Flex
Hill-RomP3930 (P3930A000028)
Huntleigh Healthcare Ltd.,3282
Huntleigh Healthcare Ltd.,4411
Huntleigh Healthcare Ltd.,4412
Huntleigh Healthcare Ltd.,4412/UL/SF
Huntleigh Healthcare Ltd.,4422
Huntleigh Healthcare Ltd.,4542
Kor Innovations IncEL 2000
Kor Innovations IncEL2000
Kor Innovations IncEL2005
Kor Innovations IncFL 2000
Kor Innovations IncN/A
Kor Innovations IncNA
LIC RehabSESAM-Plinth
Medelco IncEL2000
Medelco IncEL-7000
Medi Plinth LTD.08/2004
Medi Plinth LTD.11713
Medi Plinth LTD.11713-402
Medi Plinth LTD.11713-505
Medi Plinth LTD.11713-600
Medi Plinth LTD.11713-602
Medi Plinth LTD.11713-605
Medi Plinth LTD.11713-605-0PB
Medi Plinth LTD.11713-613
Medi Plinth LTD.11713-625
Medi Plinth LTD.11713-800-MPB
Medi Plinth LTD.11713-805-MP8
Medi Plinth LTD.11713-805-MPB
Medi Plinth LTD.11713-805-MPT
Medi Plinth LTD.11721
Medi Plinth LTD.503/E/N/1695/368
Medi Plinth LTD.503/E/N/3295/713
Medi Plinth LTD.81713-
Medi Plinth LTD.81713-51-0000X
Medi Plinth LTD.81713-51-0001 X
Medi Plinth LTD.81715-51-0001.8
Medi Plinth LTD.BHM
Medi Plinth LTD.N/A
Medi-Man Rehabilitation11713-605
Med-Ortho Design & Manufacturing Ltd2110
Med-Ortho Design & Manufacturing Ltd27108
Med-Ortho Design & Manufacturing Ltd27110
Med-Ortho Design & Manufacturing Ltd27110 / PS78
Med-Ortho Design & Manufacturing Ltd27112
Med-Ortho Design & Manufacturing Ltd27112-99
Med-Ortho Design & Manufacturing Ltd27610
Med-Ortho Design & Manufacturing Ltd27821
Med-Ortho Design & Manufacturing Ltd27841
Med-Ortho Design & Manufacturing Ltd27841A
Med-Ortho Design & Manufacturing Ltd282141
Med-Ortho Design & Manufacturing Ltd28535
Med-Ortho Design & Manufacturing Ltd28535A
Med-Ortho Design & Manufacturing Ltd37110
Med-Ortho Design & Manufacturing Ltd38
Med-Ortho Design & Manufacturing Ltd40430
Med-Ortho Design & Manufacturing Ltd68
Med-Ortho Design & Manufacturing Ltd87116
Med-Ortho Design & Manufacturing LtdHR673
Med-Ortho Design & Manufacturing LtdHR695
Med-Ortho Design & Manufacturing LtdR27100-99
Med-Ortho Design & Manufacturing LtdR27108
Med-Ortho Design & Manufacturing LtdR27110
Med-Ortho Design & Manufacturing LtdR27110-99
Med-Ortho Design & Manufacturing LtdR27112
Med-Ortho Design & Manufacturing LtdR27114
Med-Ortho Design & Manufacturing LtdR27116
Med-Ortho Design & Manufacturing LtdR27622
Med-Ortho Design & Manufacturing LtdR27841
Med-Ortho Design & Manufacturing LtdR28535
Med-Ortho Design & Manufacturing LtdR28598
Med-Ortho Design & Manufacturing LtdR30020
Med-Ortho Design & Manufacturing LtdR7112
Med-Ortho Design & Manufacturing Ltd1227112
Med-Ortho Design & Manufacturing LtdN/A
Med-Ortho Design & Manufacturing LtdR82711-99
Metron Medical Australia Pty Ltd.78714
Metron Medical Australia Pty Ltd.Aster – T7410
Metron Medical Australia Pty Ltd.Euro Aster (T8410)
Metron Medical Australia Pty Ltd.Euro Aster T8410
Metron Medical Australia Pty Ltd.Euro Aster TB410
Metron Medical Australia Pty Ltd.Euro-Aster
Metron Medical Australia Pty Ltd.T6718
Metron Medical Australia Pty Ltd.T7410
Metron Medical Australia Pty Ltd.T8410
Metron Medical Australia Pty Ltd.T8568
Metron Medical Australia Pty Ltd.T8568W
Metron Medical Australia Pty Ltd.T8630
Metron Medical Australia Pty Ltd.T8714W
Metron Medical Australia Pty Ltd.T8718W
Metron Medical Australia Pty Ltd.TC120-01 IP54
Metron Medical Australia Pty Ltd.N/A
Metron Medical Australia Pty Ltd.T8714
MID Mark Ritter75 Evolution
Midland Manufacturing Company LTD22264
Midland Manufacturing Company LTD3941
Midland Manufacturing Company LTD3941E
Midland Manufacturing Company LTD4512E
Midland Manufacturing Company LTD6013H
Midland Manufacturing Company LTD6013HD
Midland Manufacturing Company LTD6020E
Midland Manufacturing Company LTD603901
Midland Manufacturing Company LTD603902
Midland Manufacturing Company LTD7207 XET
Midland Manufacturing Company LTD7207XET
Midland Manufacturing Company LTD727110
Midland Manufacturing Company LTD8858B
Midland Manufacturing Company LTD922594
Midland Manufacturing Company LTD926025
Midland Manufacturing Company LTD9266025
Midmark Corporation119
Midmark Corporation104-039-200
Midmark Corporation417
Multiplex Stimulator LTD.Multiplex
Multiplex Stimulator LTD.N/A
Multiplex Stimulator LTD.MPG-4192E
Nor-Am Patient Care Products Ltd.11713-605
Nor-Am Patient Care Products Ltd.1492 2E
Nor-Am Patient Care Products Ltd.2193
Nor-Am Patient Care Products Ltd.4103
Nor-Am Patient Care Products Ltd.4192
Nor-Am Patient Care Products Ltd.4192-2E
Nor-Am Patient Care Products Ltd.4192E
Nor-Am Patient Care Products Ltd.4194
Nor-Am Patient Care Products Ltd.9192E
Nor-Am Patient Care Products Ltd.9192H
Nor-Am Patient Care Products Ltd.FLMN
Nor-Am Patient Care Products Ltd.Hydraulic
Nor-Am Patient Care Products Ltd.MFC-4192E
Nor-Am Patient Care Products Ltd.MFC-4192H
Nor-Am Patient Care Products Ltd.MFE 6192E
Nor-Am Patient Care Products Ltd.MFE-61928
Nor-Am Patient Care Products Ltd.MFE-6192e
Nor-Am Patient Care Products Ltd.MSC41
Nor-Am Patient Care Products Ltd.MSC-41
Nor-Am Patient Care Products Ltd.MSC4193
Nor-Am Patient Care Products Ltd.Multi Flex
Nor-Am Patient Care Products Ltd.Multi-Flex
Nor-Am Patient Care Products Ltd.Multi-plex
Nor-Am Patient Care Products Ltd.MV4-Flex
Nor-Am Patient Care Products Ltd.N/A
Nor-Am Patient Care Products Ltd.NR. 4192 – DH
Nor-Am Patient Care Products Ltd.Multiflex
OakworksB Product
OakworksProLuxe – Backrest II PXB2291873MGTTVN
OakworksPf Electric Salon/CS
Omniplinth (Medelco)11713-605
Omniplinth (Medelco)CTA 400
Omniplinth (Medelco)E12000
Omniplinth (Medelco)EL 2000
Omniplinth (Medelco)EL200
Omniplinth (Medelco)EL2000
Omniplinth (Medelco)EL2002
Omniplinth (Medelco)EL7000
Omniplinth (Medelco)N/A
Ortho CanadaOBF-1000-ZZ
Practicle (Wessling)P3
Saba MedicalN/A
Sammons Preston081270412
Sammons Preston081500073
Sammons Preston5990E
Seers Medical Limited08F-1006-ZZ
Seers Medical Limited20618
Seers Medical LimitedOrtho Canada
Seers Medical LimitedST3566
Seers Medical LimitedST3566-115H-1WF
Seers Medical LimitedST3566-115H-PFS
Seers Medical LimitedST3566-115T1WF
Seers Medical LimitedST3566-115T-1WF
Seers Medical LimitedST3566-115T-EPFS
Seers Medical LimitedST3566-11t5-1WF
Seers Medical LimitedST3569-115H-1WF
Seers Medical LimitedST3569-115T-1Wf
Seers Medical LimitedST3569-115T-EPFS
Seers Medical LimitedST4562-115H-PFS
Seers Medical LimitedST6567-115T-1WF
Seers Medical LimitedST9566
Seers Medical LimitedST9566-115H-PFS
Seers Medical LimitedST9566-115M-PFS
Seers Medical LimitedSTU562-115H-1WF
Seers Medical LimitedSX3008-115T-1NF
Seers Medical LimitedT3568-115H-1WF
Seers Medical LimitedST35660115T-EPFS
Tilia Europa GmbH40450
Tilia Europa GmbH41050
Tilia Europa GmbH41150
Tilia Europa GmbHFlorenz Semplice 65
Tilia Europa GmbHMeran Semplice65
Tilia Europa GmbHTunin Semplice 65
Tilia Europa GmbHTurin Semplice 65
Tilia Europa GmbHTurin Stemplice 65
True Manufacturing Company400006
Medi Plinth LTD.11713-605-OPT


Written By: Sheldon Armstrong
Edited By: Tyler Hasenpflug CET

2 Responses

  1. Devon Taylor

    Hello I am looking for replacement foot pedals for a medi plinth 11713 600 table. Would you ha e these in stick or k ow where i could find them. Thank you.

    • Tyler Hasenpflug

      Please send us a picture of the foot switch so that we can see if we can order it or not. E-mail the picture and your contact info to info@trhservices.ca