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Scavenging Systems

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Scavenging Systems

In today’s veterinary offices it is important to implement a reliable and fully operational scavenging system to complement your medical gas system.  The reason for the scavenging system is to remove the wasted anesthetic gas form the sedated pet, to vent it safety outside to create a safe working environment for the staff at the facility.

See the Difference
Now there may be a number of other companies in the market place today that offer a scavenging system for veterinary use, however a number of the system on the market do not take into account certain factors.  The factors that our system takes in account for are the number of outlets in your facility, the flow required to properly sedate the animal and lastly a sealed system (which is extremely important).  Since we have been in the market place since 1996 we have seen some less than desirable installations for scavenging systems, like systems where they drill holes in the piping to reduce the flow; while this does actively reduce the flow in the system, it does create a situation where the anesthetic gasses are no longer being properly vented outside.  Typically, in this case the gasses are now being vented into the ceiling which again does not meet any requirements set forth by the Mistry of Labour, which in this case state that they anesthetic gasses need to be directly vented outside.

Our scavenging system
Our scavenging system that we offer is made up of reliable parts that can either hook up to an existing system that needs to be upgraded or it can be installed as a fully new system at your facility.  Once our system is installed we take the time to test it to ensure that it is a sealed system and we adjust the flow to ensure that it is operating properly for the sedations that you are completing at your facility. When purchasing a system, it is important to ask questions like, how is the system installed in my building? How do you adjust the systems scavenging speed? How do you ensure that your systems meet the Ministry of Labour standards? and lastly how does your systems meet the standards set fourth by the veterinarian association? Our answers are simple, our system is custom fitted to your facility to ensure that it is properly installed to your existing (or as a new) system, with the system being properly sealed with the scavenging system being properly vented outside.  Our system has a fully adjustable speed control valve which allows us to actively set the speed of the system to suit your needs today and down the road if your needs on the system change.  Our system meets the standards set fourth by both organizations as we have our system being properly vented outside of the building, our system is a sealed system (including the infrastructure), and our system has the ability to fully control the amount of scavenging due to our built-in speed controls valves.

Your Current System
If you currently have a scavenging system installed at your facility and if you are not sure if it is working correctly give us a call.  What we would do for you is, come onsite to complete a full assessment of your system, during our inspection we would cover things like testing the system for proper flow, testing the system for proper leakage, and lastly testing the system to ensure that the gasses are being vented outside of the building.

Annual Preventative Maintenance
Annual preventative maintenance is required on your scavenging system, whether purchased from our company or our competitions as it needs to be tested yearly to ensure the everything is working properly.  During our preventative maintenance inspection on a scavenging system we will test all aspects of the system which include, testing the flows at each outlet, testing the system to ensure that it being used as a sealed system, and lastly checking the system to ensure that it is being properly vented outside with no blockages.  Our annual preventative maintenance program on your scavenging system can come with a full one-page certification report which shows everything tested and what the results were for each inspection.

Whether you are using our systems or not it is important to have your scavenging system tested on a yearly basses to ensure proper operation.  Lastly when purchasing a new system, it is important to ask questions about the system you are investing in to ensure that it will meet your needs today and tomorrow.

The TRH Value

The added valve of choosing TRH Services to complete your maintenance and repairs on your scavenging system is that we will ensure that your device will be in great working condition for you and your patients for the next year and it will be fully certified.  At TRH Services our expertise can help educate you on your scavenging system and make sure that your unit is at top performance. We can provide onsite service to your facility if you are located in South-Western Ontario (London, Toronto, Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, Hamilton, etc.).