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Patient Monitor Maintenance

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Patient Monitor Maintenance

Patient monitoring systems are widely used throughout all types of clinics.  Patient monitors typically have non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP), pulse oximeter (SPO2), and a printer as accessories. Other common accessories include a temperature probe, electrocardiograph (ECG) module for monitoring the heart, and an air ways gasses (CO2, O2, N2O) to monitor a patient’s excess carbon dioxide. Patient monitoring is used to visually represent a patient’s vitals and to alert the user of any issues.

Pulse Oximeter (SPO2)
Most issues arise due to the pulse oximeter probe (SPO2) having line noise or signal loss.  This is commonly caused by the pulse oximeter cable showing wear and causing the small wires inside to breakdown. When broken, they make or lose contact at certain positions when the pulse oximeter probe is attached, causing a loss of signal or false readings. Pulse oximetry is important because it displays whether the patient is getting oxygen in their blood, and the patient’s heart rate.  During our preventative maintenance procedure we test the pulse oximeter probe for signal loss and false readings and help you find a replacement pulse oximeter probe, if necessary. Although every patient has different values when being monitored, our equipment will test the baseline measurements so that a patient’s measurements are true results.

Blood Pressure (NIBP)
Blood pressure is measured using a non-invasive technique by inflating a blood pressure cuff typically located on the patients arm.  As the unit deflates the cuff it measure the systolic and diastolic pressures of the patient.  Blood pressure is expressed in two values: Systolic pressure on the top and diastolic pressure at the bottom (for example, 120/80).  The systolic pressure is the blood pressure moving out from the heart and diastolic is the blood moving back to the heart. Patient blood pressure is important to know and can be the first sign of a health issue.

During preventative maintenance, we at TRH Services check the accuracy of the blood pressure to prevent false readings when in use on a patient.  Some common issues that cause false readings are leaking blood pressure cuffs, worn Velcro on the blood pressure cuffs, and inaccurate calibration.  When performing preventative maintenance all blood pressure cuffs and tubing are tested for leaks and we ensure all measurements are accurate.

The majority of blood pressure issues are caused by a poor quality blood pressure cuffs. Although some blood pressure cuffs do not have any leaks, the Velcro on the cuffs can be worn causing issues. When the Velcro is worn out it allows the blood pressure cuff to slowly open up when inflating which prevents a proper blood pressure reading.

Electrocardiograph (ECG)
Other common accessories are the ECG lead wires which measure a patient’s heart rate and will display a visual representation of the heart as it beats. The visual ECG waveform is very sensitive and can determine if the patient has any heart health issues.  Preventative maintenance on ECG lead wires is important because of the signal’s sensitivity.  If there is any noise or issues with the lead wires it could cause false readings which may show that the patient has some arrhythmias.  It is important to have the ECG tested because if the user assumes that the waveform is to have certain spikes or noise they may ignore certain issues and not notify the patient of any health concerns. During the preventative maintenance we verify that the unit is able to detect any abnormal signals and verify the reading is calibrated. The most common ECG issues are with the lead wires, because the lead wires are very thin they can damage easily which can cause false readings.  It is important to verify that the electrodes and clips that attach to the ECG lead wires are clean and not expired.

Battery and Electrical Safety
The last aspect of the unit that we test is the battery and the electrical safety of your unit.  Starting with the battery, we typically recommend that the battery be replaced every two years when you unit is using a Sealed Lead Acid Battery or Nickle Metal Hydroxide (NiMh) batteries.  By replacing these types of batteries every two year it will ensure that during a power outage you will still be able to monitor your patient’s vitals without having to worry about the monitor.  When it comes to newer units that are using Lithium Ion batteries (Li-Ion) we recommend replacing these batteries based on the expiry date on the battery which varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Moving onto electrical safety on the unit, here we are testing the unit to make sure that it complies with the manufacturers and Health Canada’s recommend amount of leakage current for its class type.  This will ensure that when using the unit you do not need to worry about the patient accidently getting shocked while hooked up.  The last aspect of electrical safety that we look at is the power cord; here we are looking at the power cord to make sure that is hospital grade and not damaged.

The TRH Value

The added value of choosing TRH Services to complete maintenance on your patient monitor is that we ensure that all of the values that the unit is registering are correct, and test each individual accessory to ensure that they are in proper working order.   When we are onsite we test the battery on the unit to make sure that it will last for the rest of the year just like we test the accessories.  As noted above by identifying key issues with your system we can prevent false reading in the system which will ensure that you get the most out of your patient monitor.  We complete our onsite service of these devices across South-Western Ontario (London, Toronto, Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, Hamilton, etc.).


Common Patient Monitor Systems

Listed below is a short list of some common patient monitor systems that we work on a regular basses:



ManufacturerModel NumberManufacturerModel Number
Alaris Medical Systems4410CGE Medical Systems Information Technologies Inc.USE1911A
Alaris Medical Systems4510AGE Medical Systems Information Technologies Inc.V100-FBXD-AXAA_XX
Aspect Medical Systems Inc.A-2000GE Medical Systems Information Technologies Inc.V100-FBXD-AXAA-XX
Aspect Medical Systems Inc.BIS XPGE Medical Systems Information Technologies Inc.V100-PBXA-AXAA-BX
Aspect Medical Systems Inc.VistaHewlett Packard7830A
Beijing Choice Electronics Co., Ltd.MD2000BHewlett Packard783528
Biochem70750A2 (3101)Hewlett Packard78352A
Bionet Co., Ltd.BM3 PlusHewlett Packard78352C
CareFusion Corp4410Hewlett Packard78354C
Colin Medical Instruments Corp.BP-88NXTHewlett PackardM1204A
Colin Medical Instruments Corp.Press-Mate AdvantageHewlett PackardM1702A
Colin Medical Instruments Corp.ProdigyHewlett PackardM78354A
Contec Medical Systems Co. Ltd.CMS5000HopteckVET420A
Contec Medical Systems Co. Ltd.CMS8000Infinium Medical Inc.OMNI
Coremetrics128Infinium Medical Inc.OMNIE Express
Criticare Systems Inc.500Invivo Corporation20401
Criticare Systems Inc.503Invivo CorporationOmega Series (1445RP-110)
Criticare Systems Inc.503N3Ivy Biomedical Systems Inc.3150
Criticare Systems Inc.504Jorgensen LaboratoriesECG-101G
Criticare Systems Inc.5040Keller Medical SpecialtiesCD-200
Criticare Systems Inc.504DXKeller Medical SpecialtiesKMS 870
Criticare Systems Inc.504DXPKeller Medical SpecialtiesKMS870
Criticare Systems Inc.504-USKeller Medical SpecialtiesKMS-870
Criticare Systems Inc.506Medical Data Electronics Inc.E100
Criticare Systems Inc.506DNMindray Co. LTD.DPM 3 Vital Signs
Criticare Systems Inc.506DN3Mindray Co. LTD.DPM5
Criticare Systems Inc.506DNBMindray Co. LTD.PM-8000 Express
Criticare Systems Inc.506DNP2Mindray Co. LTD.VS-800
Criticare Systems Inc.506DNP3Mortara Instrument IncELI2XX
Criticare Systems Inc.506DNTP3Mortara Instrument IncELI2XX Series
Criticare Systems Inc.506DNV3Nellcor Puritan BennettN100/N-2500
Criticare Systems Inc.506DXNellcor Puritan BennettNPB-3930
Criticare Systems Inc.506DXNNellcor Puritan BennettNPB-4000
Criticare Systems Inc.506DXNPNellcor Puritan BennettNPB-4000P
Criticare Systems Inc.506DXNP2Nihon Kohden CorporatedBSM-2351A
Criticare Systems Inc.506DXNP3Nonin Medical Inc2120
Criticare Systems Inc.506DXNTP2Novametrix Medical Systems Inc615
Criticare Systems Inc.506LNT3Ohmeda5250 RGM (6051-0000-027)
Criticare Systems Inc.506LNVP3Ohmeda5260 RGM
Criticare Systems Inc.506N2Ordion Medical 1987 LTD.CapnoStream 20
Criticare Systems Inc.506N3Ordion Medical 1987 LTD.Microcap
Criticare Systems Inc.506NT3Ordion Medical 1987 LTD.Vital Cap (Microstream)
Criticare Systems Inc.507Philips Healthcare453564008141
Criticare Systems Inc.507EPhilips Healthcare860284
Criticare Systems Inc.507ELC2Philips Healthcare863054 (C1)
Criticare Systems Inc.507EPPhilips Healthcare863063
Criticare Systems Inc.507NPhilips HealthcareM8002A
Criticare Systems Inc.507SPhilips HealthcareMP20
Criticare Systems Inc.507SDPhilips HealthcareMP30
Criticare Systems Inc.508Philips HealthcareMP30
Criticare Systems Inc.8100Philips HealthcareMP30 (M8002A)
Criticare Systems Inc.8100EPPhilips HealthcareMP30 INTELLIVUE (M1013A)
Criticare Systems Inc.8100EP1Philips HealthcareMP50
Criticare Systems Inc.81C001P00ECXPhysio-Control IncLifePak 6 – Monitor
Criticare Systems Inc.845XTPhysio-Control IncLifepak 6A
Criticare Systems Inc.8500QPhysio-Control IncLifepak 8 – Monitor
Criticare Systems Inc.N/APhysio-Control IncVSM4
Critikon Inc.1846SXRising Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.RPM-6000A
Critikon Inc.Dynamap PRO Series 400Sharn Veterinary Inc.9500-HD
Datascope Corp.0998-00-0126-44Shenzhen Mindray Bio-Medical Electronics Co., LTD.DPM 5
Datascope Corp.0998-00-0134W44Shenzhen Mindray Bio-Medical Electronics Co., LTD.PM-8000 Express
Datascope Corp.2100Shenzhen Mindray Bio-Medical Electronics Co., LTD.PM-9000 Express
Datascope Corp.AccusatShenzhen Mindray Bio-Medical Electronics Co., LTD.VS-800
Datex Instruments Corp.Cardiocap 5SiemensBurdick (E350i)
Datex-Ohmeda3800Silogic SystemsEC-60
Datex-Ohmeda3900Smiths Medical PM INC.58550A2
Datex-OhmedaAS/3Spacelabs Healthcare Ltd.90369
Datex-OhmedaCardiocapSpacelabs Healthcare Ltd.91220-BP
Datex-OhmedaCardiocap 5Spacelabs Healthcare Ltd.Eclipse 92304
Datex-OhmedaCardiocap CMO-104-27-01SunTech Medical Inc.247
Datex-OhmedaCardiocap CMO-104-27-02SunTech Medical Inc.247 Diagnostic Station
Datex-OhmedaCardioCap IISunTech Medical Inc.247B
Datex-OhmedaCompactTRH Services101
Datex-OhmedaF-LM..01VSM MedTech LtdBPM-100
Datex-OhmedaOS-103-27-00VSM MedTech LtdBPM-200
Datex-OhmedaS/5VSM MedTech LtdBPM-300
Datex-OhmedaSatliteVSM MedTech LtdBPM-300
Datex-OhmedaSC-103-27-00VSM MedTech LtdBPM-600
Datex-OhmedaSC-123-27-02VSM Medtech LTD.BPM-300
Datex-OhmedaType: F-CUB-28-03Welch Allyn420 Series
Datex-OhmedaUltama (ULT.V1..08.EN)Welch Allyn4200B
Datex-OhmedaUltama (ULT-Si-27-07)Welch Allyn420TB
Datex-OhmedaUltama (ULT-Si-28-01)Welch Allyn42M0B
Datex-OhmedaUltama (ULT-Si-28-04)Welch Allyn42MTB
Datex-OhmedaUltama (ULT-V1…08.EN)Welch Allyn42N0B
Edan Instruments Inc.M3Welch Allyn42NTB
Edan Instruments Inc.M50Welch Allyn45MT0
Eickemeyer Veterinary Equipment Inc.RespiVetWelch Allyn45NE0
Excel Tech Ltd.LC100Welch Allyn52000 Series
GE Medical Systems Information Technologies Inc.2018918-001Welch Allyn53N00
GE Medical Systems Information Technologies Inc.400s/lWelch Allyn53N00-E1
GE Medical Systems Information Technologies Inc.6051-0000-160Welch Allyn53N0P
GE Medical Systems Information Technologies Inc.6051-0000-166Welch Allyn53NTO
GE Medical Systems Information Technologies Inc.6051-0000-185Welch Allyn53NTP
GE Medical Systems Information Technologies Inc.6051-0000-186Welch Allyn53SOP
GE Medical Systems Information Technologies Inc.6051-0000-187Welch Allyn6100 Series
GE Medical Systems Information Technologies Inc.6051-000-160Welch Allyn62000 Series
GE Medical Systems Information Technologies Inc.DASH 3000Welch Allyn62203107
GE Medical Systems Information Technologies Inc.Dash 4000Welch Allyn622NP-E1
GE Medical Systems Information Technologies Inc.Dash 5000Welch Allyn63NXX
GE Medical Systems Information Technologies Inc.DPC400N-CEWelch Allyn63NXXX
GE Medical Systems Information Technologies Inc.DPC400N-ENWelch Allyn802LT0N
GE Medical Systems Information Technologies Inc.Eagle 4000Welch AllynAT-2
GE Medical Systems Information Technologies Inc.MAC 5500Welch AllynCP10-AAA-AAAXX
GE Medical Systems Information Technologies Inc.MAC 8Welch AllynM90A
GE Medical Systems Information Technologies Inc.N/AWelch AllynPropaq 104EL
GE Medical Systems Information Technologies Inc.Patient Data ModuleWelch AllynPropaq 242
GE Medical Systems Information Technologies Inc.Pro Care 300Welch AllynPropaq 246
GE Medical Systems Information Technologies Inc.Solar 8000Welch AllynPropaq CS
GE Medical Systems Information Technologies Inc.Solar 8000 Dual VideoWelch AllynSchiller AT-2
GE Medical Systems Information Technologies Inc.TuffSatWelch AllynSE-PRO-600
GE Medical Systems Information Technologies Inc.USE1503AXuzhou Yongkang Electronics Science Technology CO. LTD.YK-8000D


Written By: Matthew Chominiec
Edited By: Tyler Hasenpflug CET