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Passport 8/12 Patient Monitors

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Passport 8/12 Patient Monitors

Why the Passport 8 and Passport 12?

TRH Services is a platinum dealer for Mindray North America and licensed by Health Canada. TRH is experienced and ideally suited to install and provide training and preventative maintenance on Mindray’s high-quality products. Mindray monitors are highly reliable and easy to use, with an intuitive design. Mindray offers extended warranty plans and a wide variety of accessories to meet the needs of medical professionals. (Mindray North America, 2019)

(Mindray North America, 2019)

Introduction to Passport 8/12

The Passport 8/12 Patient Monitors are versatile units that meet the needs of medical professionals in various facilities. These units meet the standards and requirements of patient monitoring, while also being easy to use for clinicians (Mindray North America, 2019). These monitors’ features include, among others:

· 8″high-resolution touchscreen display

· Standard modalities such as pulse oximetry, three-lead ECG and NIBP (Mindray North America, 2019)

· Up to 7 waveforms

· Optional Capnography addition

· Trend data capabilities 

· Adjustable interface 

(Mindray North America, 2019)

The Passport 8 interface can be adjusted to meet a clinician’s particular requirements, such as changing waveform size, waveform colour, waveforms displayed, and modifications to each parameter. 

 (Mindray North America, 2019)

Capnography Capabilities:

 CO2 modules can be attached to the Passport 8 and Passport 12 models, which allows clinical experts to provide continuous capnography monitoring for patients (Mindray North America, 2019). By monitor CO2, it prevents CO2 levels from becoming critical and provides another layer of patient safety during deep sedation or general anesthetic administration. Besides, this feature meets RCDSO standards that were made effective as of April 1, 2019.  

There are three main ways of recording capnography using the CO2 module, which include:

• Single tube cannula which comes with the unit. Only used to take CO2 readings (provided by TRH Services)

• The dual cannula used to administer oxygen while also monitoring capnography (sold separately)

• Nasal Hood Adapter kit – contains an adapter on nasal hoods that adapts the nasal hood to the CO2 monitor. The gas can then be delivered regularly; however, now a sample line is required to be hooked up to the nasal hood. This tubing then connects the CO2 module allowing capnography monitoring to occur. (sold separately)

These modules are easily installed and removable from the Passport units and can are interchangeable between units. (Mindray North America, 2019)

On-site Training

When purchasing any Passport Unit, TRH offers delivery, installation and on-site training for staff to ensure a smooth transition from older monitoring systems. The units come with operation manuals for reference. The training covers topics such as:

• Printing trend reports

• Changing alarm limits, volumes, and intensity

• Recording option

• Interface set-up (size, colour, orientation)

• Individual parameter set-ups

• Accessory use

• Capnography

TRH also performs a full test-out on the Mindray units to verify their functionality and to confirm that no damage occurred in the shipping and setting up of the units. 





TRH offers and recommends annual maintenance to certify the units and validate functionality. Typical areas addressed include:

• Batteries

• Blood Pressure Cuffs

• Accessory cables and connectors

• Capnography calibration

• Blood pressure calibration

Annual maintenance is not only mandatory in medical settings, but it also increases the life of the monitors as well as promotes accuracy and functionality.

TRH Services Support

TRH Services has rental monitors available if a customer’s monitor requires off-site repair. TRH has many years of experience and full biomedical engineering staff to support the needs of its customers

How to Get Passport Monitors 

Contact TRH Services for a quote, and we can address any questions or concerns you may have regarding the units.



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