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Medical Equipment Inventory

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One of the things TRH Services can offer hospitals or clinics is to inventory medical equipment. This program that we can offer is detailed to your needs but can be quite extensive and save the customer money in the long run. TRH Services can review the medical equipment and ascertain if the equipment can be supported by an inhouse Biomedical Department, by third party service provider or by the manufacturer. We also offer to analyze the associated repair history cost which justifies the equipment being replaced or continued to be repaired. TRH Services also looks at the longevity of the equipment to determine when to replace the equipment and expected life expectancy.

TRH Services also can help you to determine the number of Biomedical Technicians or Technologists are required to maintain your medical equipment. This assessment is based on number of beds, pieces of equipment and the clinical complexity of the customer. With this analysis we can indicate the required time allocated to perform preventative maintenance on medical equipment as well as detailed performance verifications on each piece of equipment. This would assist you the customer to set up an excellent quality assurance program on your equipment.

TRH Services can take equipment inventory of your facility, log all devices and install asset tags on the equipment. The customer will receive an electronic excel document of all devices inventoried. This is the initial stage in managing medical equipment in a facility.


If you call us we can quote you on the option of your choice or we can make recommendations on the type of service we feel would meet your needs.


Written by: Tyler Hasenpflug CET.