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Medical Batteries

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Medical Batteries

Did you know that batteries used in your medical device are regulated under Medical Devices Regulation and the Food and Drugs Act in Canada? The batteries are classified as class I or class II depending on which device they are being used in. Therefore, manufacturers of class I may need a medical device establishment licence (MDEL). Manufacturers of class II batteries must have a medical device licence (MDL) before they can be sold in Canada. Class I batteries are used in a class I devices, and class II batteries are used for class II to IV. 

The class system in Canada rates devices based on the harm they could cause a patient or user, where class I is the lowest risk, and Class IV is the highest risk. Some examples of these devices include:

Class I – Exam Light, Blood Pressure Monitor

Class II – Thermometers, Electrocardiographs

Class III – Vital Signs Monitors, Infusion Pumps

Class IV – Anaesthetic Machines, Defibrillators 

How you take care of your medical batteries is a little bit different than what you normally think when it comes to taking care of the battery in your phone where you want to deplete your battery almost completely before recharging. With the batteries used in medical devices, it is recommended to have them plugged in at all times, when able, to prolong the health of your battery and keep it in good working condition for when you really need it. 

 It is also recommended that you get your batteries changed regularly depending on the type of battery your device is using, for example, three years for lithium-ion batteries and two years for sealed lead acid unless otherwise stated in the manufacturer’s recommendations. In addition, we at TRH services test your batteries during preventative maintenance checks by verifying their output voltage and their ability to hold a sufficient charge while the device is being used. We also keep track of when your batteries were last replaced and can provide you with new ones when the time comes.

Some Batteries that we typically carry are, and have in stock are:

Item Number
L06V3.4F1-01Battery – 06V 3.4AH (F1-01)
L12V2.0F1-08Battery – 12V 2.0AH (F1-08)
L12V2.3C1-17Battery – 12V 2.3AH (C1-17)
72200Battery – 3.50V 0.7AH
L06V1.3F1-09Battery – 06V 1.3AH (F1-09)
L06V12F1-02Battery – 06V 12AH (F1-02)
L06V3.0F1-02Battery – 06V 3.0AH (F1-02)
L06V3.1F1-04Battery – 06V 3.1AH (F1-04)
L06V3.2F1-06Battery – 06V 3.2AH (F1-06)
L06V4.5F1-01Battery – 06V 4.5AH (F1-01)
L06V5.0F1-01Battery – 06V 5.0AH (F1-01)
L06V7.2F1-02Battery – 06V 7.2AH (F1-02)
L08V2.5F1-04Battery – 08V 2.5AH (F1-04)
L08V2.5F1-04/PBattery – 08V 2.5AH (F1-04)
L08V3.2F1-06Battery – 08V 3.5AH (F1-06)
L12V1.2F1-04Battery – 12V 1.2AH (F1-04)
L12V1.3F1-04Battery – 12V 1.3AH (F1-04)
L12V2.0F1-09Battery – 12V 2.0AH (F1-09)
L12V2.2F1-02Battery – 12V 2.2AH (F1-02)
L12V2.6F1-02Battery – 12V 2.6AH (F1-02)
L12V2.6F1-04Battery – 12V 2.6AH (F1-04)
L12V2.7F1-03Battery – 12V 2.7AH (F1-03)
L12V2.7F1-04Battery – 12V 2.7AH (F1-04)
L12V3.4F1-02Battery – 12V 3.4AH (F1-02)
L12V3.4F1-04Battery – 12V 3.4AH (F1-04)
L12V35B1-15Battery – 12V 35H (B1-15
L12V4.5F1-03.Battery – 12V 4.05H (F1-03)
L12V4.1F1-02Battery – 12V 4.1AH (F1-02)
L12V5.0F1-03Battery – 12V 5.0AH (F1-03) – OBSOLETE ORDER L12V4.5F1-03
L12V5.0F2-03Battery – 12V 5.0AH (F2-03)
L12V7.2F1-04Battery – 12V 7.2AH (F1-04)
L12V7.2F2-04Battery – 12V 7.2AH (F2-04)
L12V9.0F1-04Battery – 12V 9.05H (F1-04)
Alkaline-AABattery – Alkaline (AA)
Alkaline-AAABattery – Alkaline (AAA)
Alkaline-CBattery – Alkaline (C)
Alkaline-DBattery – Alkaline (D)
Alkaline-9VBattery – Alkaline 9V
CR1220Battery – Coin Cell CR1220 (3V)
CR1620Battery – Coin Cell CR1620
P138-NDBattery – Coin Cell CR2016 (3V)
CR2025Battery – Coin Cell CR2025
N188-NDBattery – Coin Cell CR2025 (3V)
CR2477Battery – Coin Cell CR2032 (3V)
P189-NDBattery – Coin Cell CR2032 (3V)
LR1130Battery – Coin Cell LR1130 / AG10 / AG189 / LR54
N402Battery – Coin Cell LR44(1.5V)
MSL-AA-NiCAD/TBattery – NiCAD (AA) With Tabs
MSL-AAA-NIMH/TBattery – NIMH (AAA) With Tabs
20100043Battery Accessories – 3.5mm Connector
1009457Battery Accessories – Adapter (12 volt cigarette lighter to 3.5 mm male
20100042Battery Accessories – Clip & connector for camera battery
BC4AAAW-NDBattery Accessories – Holder AAA 4 Cell
BHCL-NDBattery Accessories – Holder Single C Cell
BS6I-NDBattery Accessories – SNAPS 9V 6″ LEADS I-STYLE
MSL-5875Battery Manufacturer – Abbott Plum XL
MSL-5073Battery Manufacturer – Alaris 8105
AL1000SP01121Battery Manufacturer – Alaris Asena
MSL-8713180Battery Manufacturer – B. Braun – Infusor Space
8713180ABattery Manufacturer – B. Braun – Infusor Space, with Pin
MSL-B11443Battery Manufacturer – B. Braun Medical Inc. – 637
BRP303MDBattery Manufacturer – B. Braun Medical Inc. Perfusor Space
MSL-AS40ABattery Manufacturer – Baxter AS40A (6V 1.2AH)
PE2V6F1X2Battery Manufacturer – Baxter Flo-Gard 6200
PS-260Battery Manufacturer – Baxter Flo-Gard 6200 (QTY 1, 4 Required per Unit)
MSL-S00225-IBattery Manufacturer – Baxter Sigma
35724Battery Manufacturer – Baxter Sigma Spectrum Standard Battery
F069180620Battery Manufacturer – Baxter, Battery Harness
MSL-6053Battery Manufacturer – Burdick Atria 33000, 3100, 6000, 6100, 8300…
MSL-5226Battery Manufacturer – Burdick, Elite II / EK10
MSL-5717Battery Manufacturer – Burdick, Medic 5
M6025-0Battery Manufacturer – Colin M30C-1PN
MSL-6014Battery Manufacturer – Colin Medical Prodigy
MSL-8500QBattery Manufacturer – Criticare 8500Q
MSL-5921Battery Manufacturer – Datex 3800/P and 3900
MSL-5833NCBattery Manufacturer – Datex Compact
MSL-5010Battery Manufacturer – Datex S/5
MSL-6315Battery Manufacturer – Datex S/5 – SRAM Battery
MSL-5975Battery Manufacturer – Devilbiss 7305P
01.57Battery Manufacturer – Edan (01.13.037520) – Battery Adapterr
01.21.06413Battery Manufacturer – Edan (01.21.06413)
01.21.064143Battery Manufacturer – Edan (01.21.064143)
064143Battery Manufacturer – Edan Instruments Inc., iM50 (TWSLB-003)
01.21.064142Battery Manufacturer – Edan Instruments Inc., iM50/IM60
21.21.064146Battery Manufacturer – Edan Instruments Inc., M3 (Upgrade for 21.21.064168)
21.21.064167Battery Manufacturer – Edan Instruments Inc., M3 (Upgrade for 21.21.064168)
01.21.064142-11Battery Manufacturer – Edan Instruments Inc., M3 PN: 01.21.064142-11
759-21.21.064168Battery Manufacturer – Edan Instruments Inc., M3 PN: 21.21.064168
21.21.064149Battery Manufacturer – Edan Instruments Inc., PN: 21.21.064168, *See Notes*
MSL-5071Battery Manufacturer – GE DASH 3000
90-MPC12Battery Manufacturer – GE MAC PC
197230-HEL-SBattery Manufacturer – GE, Cardiocap 5 SRAM Battery
17014-HELBattery Manufacturer – GE, S/5 Battery Pack (GE17014)
MSL-1758A-INTBattery Manufacturer – Hewlett Packard Codemaster (M1772)
MSL-6094Battery Manufacturer – Kangaroo ePump
1054715Battery Manufacturer – Kendall, ePump
780800Battery Manufacturer – Laerdal Medical As LSU (PN: 780800)
886113Battery Manufacturer – Laerdal Medical As LSU4 (PN: 886113)
0819-0012Battery Manufacturer – Life Fitness 6V 2.5AH
MSL-5902Battery Manufacturer – Medical Data Electronics Inc., E100
MSL-5181Battery Manufacturer – Medx Electronics Inc., MedFusion 3500
115-018015-00Battery Manufacturer – Mindray DPM Series OBSOLETE (115-018011-00)
115-018012-00Battery Manufacturer – Mindray Passport Series
MSL-VS800Battery Manufacturer – Mindray VS-800
115-018011-00Battery Manufacturer – Mindray VS-800 (115-018011-00)
MSL-5914-IBattery Manufacturer – Nellcor – N-85
MSL-NPB4000Battery Manufacturer – Nellcor NPB-4000
MSL-2120Battery Manufacturer – Nonin Evant 2120
MSL-5899Battery Manufacturer – Ohmeda 7900 VENT
MSL-5541Battery Manufacturer – Ohmeda Ventilator
48H907NBattery Manufacturer – Omron, HEM-907XL Battery Pack
GL43100Battery Manufacturer – Philips / HP 43110
MSL-5916Battery Manufacturer – Philips Healthcare M1770A
M3516ABattery Manufacturer – Philips Healthcare M3516A
453564243501Battery Manufacturer – Philips Healthcare VM LITHIUM ION BATTERY
LP20Battery Manufacturer – Physio Control LP20
LP9-SBattery Manufacturer – Physio Control LP8
MS802791Battery Manufacturer – Physio Control LP8
MSL-5834Battery Manufacturer – Spacelabs Healthcare, Eclipse
LI202SX-66CBattery Manufacturer – Spacelabs Healthcare, mCare 300
400-0039Battery Manufacturer – Verathon BVI3000 (Refurbished, Exchange Only)
105632Battery Manufacturer – Welch Allyn
MSL-6065Battery Manufacturer – Welch Allyn 300 Series
501-0017-00Battery Manufacturer – Welch Allyn 6200 Series
BATT99Battery Manufacturer – Welch Allyn 63NXXX Series
MSL-5077Battery Manufacturer – Welch Allyn CP100 / CP200
MSL-6039Battery Manufacturer – Welch Allyn Spot Vital Signs Monitor (06V 4.5Ah)
72300Battery Manufacturer – Welch Allyn, 72300
72600Battery Manufacturer – Welch Allyn, 72600
2400-BATTBattery Manufacturer – Welch Allyn, BATT 2400
BATT11Battery Manufacturer – Welch Allyn, BATT11
BATT22Battery Manufacturer – Welch Allyn, BATT22
BATT33Battery Manufacturer – Welch Allyn, BATT33
105204Battery Manufacturer – Welch Allyn, CP100/CP200 Upgrade Kit
011-0019-04Battery Manufacturer – Welch Allyn, MICROPAQ BATTERIES
MSL-5503Battery Manufacturer – Welch Allyn, Propaq
008-0857-00Battery Manufacturer – Welch Allyn, Propaq LT
111-106656Battery Manufacturer – Welch Allyn, Spot Vital Signs Monitor, 6.4V Lithium
8019-0535-01Battery Manufacturer – Zoll E Series
3009378-03Battery Manufacturer – Zoll LP1
8000-0299-01Battery Manufacturer – Zoll M Series
PD4410Battery Manufacturer – Zoll M Series (PD4410)
DCF-200Defibrillator – AED – Defibtech LLC, Battery Pack for DDU-100
M5070ADefibrillator – AED – Philips Healthcare, HeartStart FRX 4 year battery
9146-302Defibrillator – AED Cardiac Science Powerheart (Battery, REF: 9146)
MSL-5955Defibrillator – Welch Allyn, Battery Pack – for MRL, Welch Allyn, Zoll Pic
F069110001Infusion Pump – Parts – Baxter – ASSY,BACK-UP BATTERY
20670Medical Cart – Capsa Health Care – Battery (50AH SLA Battery)
20670KMedical Cart – Capsa Health Care – BATTERY, 12V, 50AH, EB50-12 (K)
X-002.99.382Optoscope – Heine Battery 3.5v NIMH BETA R/NT
72830Optoscope – Welch Allyn, POCKETSCOPE Handle w/AA BATTERY
115-065140-00Patient Monitor – Mindray, ePM Battery
BPM-300-36Patient Monitor Accessories – BP True Battery
21.21.064168Patient Monitor Accessories – Edan Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery (14.8V,
989803194541Patient Monitor Accessories – Philips, Battery PageWriter TC70
U0080614025Scale – Seca – Battery, 7.2V 700mAH
SPAN-QP2913SPAN- Battery back-up
7305P-DSuction Unit Parts – 7305P-D: Portable suction with battery
TOLLOS-5004-113TOLLOS – Battery – 12V 2.6Ah
TOLLOS-2500-254TOLLOS – Battery – 12V 4.5Ah
TOLLOS-2500-253TOLLOS – Battery – 12V 7.2Ah
TOLLOS-3000-188RDCTOLLOS – Battery charger 24VDC Soneil W/miniphone connector 2403SRN
TOLLOS-5003-024TOLLOS – Battery LIFEP04 25.6V 2600Ah
TOLLOS-2800-166TOLLOS – Battery pack removeable 24V 2.9Ah – Linak



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Written By: Caitlin Vanderkwaak
Edit By: Tyler Hasenpflug