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Laser Units

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A laser is a beam of light that has been tuned to a specific wavelength. Lasers has a wide range of applications, from pointers use by teachers in classrooms ( or used to play with your cat) to cutting diamonds. In the medical industry, lasers are used for cosmetic alterations, cancer treatments, dental and eye surgeries. Lasers can also be used to treat pain and encourage cell functionality.  The laser unit consists of mirrors and a laser medium; when the laser medium is “excited,” the laser beam is produced. The laser beam is invisible to the naked eye due to the frequency and wavelength of over 700nm; as a safety precaution, it is advisable to no look directly into the laser source without adequate protection.

TRH services Preventative Maintenance Program (PMP):

While onsite completing our annual preventative maintenance program, we will check the following:

  • Physical inspection of the laser unit and all its applicators and attachments to ensure there is no damage or signs of failure.
  • Check to ensure that there are safety glasses with the unit. Laser units should not be operated without proper safety glasses; doing so can cause permanent damage to the eyes. Everyone in and around the area where laser treatment is taking place should have adequate eye protection.
  • Verify that the build-in safe features such as the lockout key and operator’s password are operating as per manufacture specification.
  • An electrical safety test ensures the device is safe to be plugged in, and in the case of an electrical failure inside the unit, the end-user is safe from electric shocks.
  • Finally, we verify the laser’s output to ensure the output levels are appropriate for the laser application. Using the wrong laser unit or having a unit with too high an output for its intended application will harm patients. Here at TRH Services, the safety of your patients is our highest priority.


TRH Value

During our annual preventive maintenance, TRH Services will thoroughly test your laser unit.  TRH Services will complete extensive testing, focusing on electrical safety and ensuring that the built-in safety features are operating according to manufacture specification; calibrations are performed as deemed necessary to ensure the laser is safe to use. Our maintenance program extends the life of your laser and is cost-effective, especially in medical settings.

For more information on TRH Services and the work that we do with laser, please call 1-844-371-9488 or email info@trhservices.ca

Here are some common lasers that we work on at TRH Services:

Manufacturer FieldModel Number Field
BTL Industries IncBTL-5000
Dynatronics CorporationD709
Metron Medical Australia Pty Ltd.AV170
Chattanooga GroupIFC intlect neo
Biophymed / ErielTop Laser
Chattanooga Group2779
Chattanooga Group2784
Chattanooga GroupVectra Genisys Transport Laser (2784)
ErielTOP 250 LASER
Jarek Manufacturing LimitedUltra Laz 800
Laser Research International Inc.G2000
Laserpath Therapeutics Inc.Laserpath 1000C
Lasotronic GmbHMED-130
LiteCure LLCLightForce EX
Medelco IncOmniprobe 830P
Meditech International IncBioFlex Professional
Meditech International IncBioflex Therapist
Meditech International IncCU
Meditech International IncMCU
Medx Electronics Inc.1100
Medx Electronics Inc.MBM 1100
Medx Electronics Inc.MBM 1100N
Medx Electronics Inc.MBM1100
Medx Electronics Inc.MBM1100N
Medx Electronics Inc.MCT601
Medx Electronics Inc.N/A
Metron Medical Australia Pty Ltd.AL170
Metron Medical Australia Pty Ltd.AL170 (Advanced Laser)
Mettler Electronics CorporationME540
Mettler Electronics CorporationSysStim 540
Multi Radiance MedicalMR4
Multiplex Stimulator LTD.LS-1
Photon-X Health CorporotionRx-1000
Physio Technology, Inc.1050
Sterne Medical EquipmentSLT-3
Dynatronics CorporationD708
Dynatronics CorporationD701
Meditech International IncLD-I 200
Meditech International IncLS-B-3000
Meditech International IncLS-R 750
Medx Electronics Inc.LCT100-12
Medx Electronics Inc.LCT100-I2
Medx Electronics Inc.LCT200
Medx Electronics Inc.LCT200-1
Medx Electronics Inc.LCT200-I2
Medx Electronics Inc.LCT201
Medx Electronics Inc.LCT450
Medx Electronics Inc.MCT 601
Medx Electronics Inc.MCT1001
Medx Electronics Inc.MCT502
Medx Electronics Inc.MCT503
Medx Electronics Inc.MCT504
Medx Electronics Inc.MCT601