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Blood Pressure Machines

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I am sure you have encountered or even heard of incidences of someone having blood pressure complications. Blood pressure is a severe condition that requires attention as it might lead to severe injuries or even death if not medically addressed in time. Diseases like heart attack, stroke, or even heart failure relate to blood pressure. As individual ages, usually, more predisposed to such conditions. You do not want to take chances by ignoring monitoring your blood pressure occasionally.



Brief History

In 1881, Samuel Siegfried Karl Ritter Von Basch engineered the first-ever model of blood pressure monitor in the history of its existence. His version composed of a rubber bulb and a mercury column. The rubber bulb contained water to its fullest, thereby impeding flow in the artery. The rubber bulb would convert the pulse into a mercury column that gauged the readings in millimetres. The technique took some improvement in 1896 when Scipione Riva – Rocci came up with a sphygmomanometer that wraps around the arm. The design became the standard look of the blood pressure gauge device in the next centuries. In 1905, a Russian physician named Nikolai Korotkov came up with the idea that differentiated the different types of blood pressure: Systolic and Diastolic blood pressures. The main contrasts between two are the sounds that emanated from the arteries during the release and exertion of tension. With further improvements from 1905, the current blood pressure meter is quite advanced and uses not only mercury but also aneroid and electricity.



How do you keep your blood pressure in check? You can always measure your blood pressure by using a blood pressure machine (sphygmomanometer). The device which sometimes people refer to as blood pressure meter measures the body’s blood pressure. All BP machines follow the same principles and protocols but different techniques (depending on the machine’s type). During the operation, BP units detect two kinds of pressure: systolic (contraction) and diastolic (rest). The results, this phenomenon is interpreted by using units in millimetres of mercury. As per the WHO (World Health Organization), the ideal numbers are (Systolic)120mmHg over (Diastolic)80mmHg.

Types, Operations and Specifications

  • Manual Blood Pressure Machines.

Common Brands: Welch Allyn, ADC, Paramed, Seca, Riester

Main parts: Hand Cuff, Tubing, Gauge (Portable or Wall Mounted), Inflation Bulb and Stethoscope

Blood Pressure Cuff Sizes: Infant, Child, Adult and Large Adult

Technique: User/Practitioner finds artery (brachial) on the patient’s hand and places the cuff so that the marker matches the artery, firmly wrap the cuff around. Stethoscope is placed on detected artery. Now inflation bulb must be inflated to a particular value (approximately 40mmHg higher than the actual patient’s pressure). Once the amount is reached, the pressure should be slowly released by using the knob located on the inflation bulb (drop should not exceed 2-4mmHg per second). Systolic pressure is detected when the first bumping noise is heard. Diastolic pressure is detected when the aforementioned bumping noise disappears.

Most common problems: Leak within the system, Worn blood pressure cuffs, Damaged gauge, Loose connectors, Inaccurate readings.


  • Digital/Electronic Blood Pressure machines.

Common Brands: Welch Allyn, ADC, Omron, BIOS, MicroLife, Life Source

Main parts: Hand Cuff, Tubing, Operation Block (Display, Battery, Pump).

Blood Pressure Cuff Sizes: Infant, Child, Adult and Large Adult

Technique: User/Practitioner finds artery (brachial) on the patient’s hand and places the cuff so that the marker matches the artery, firmly wrap the cuff around. Operation block usually equipped with the screen and few control buttons. Now start button must be pressed, and the unit automatically inflates to a particular value (approximately 40mmHg higher than the actual patient’s pressure). Once the amount is reached, the pressure should be automatically released Systolic pressure is detected when first bumping noise is heard. Approximately after 20-30 seconds, the display shows the expected values.

Most common problems: Leak within the system, Worn blood pressure cuffs, Damaged control block, Loose connectors, Inaccurate readings, Faulty batteries.




TRH Services Preventative Maintenance Protocol

TRH Services is proud to provide only highly trained and certified Biomedical Engineering Technologists. Previous experience shows 100% positive results by detecting and fixing any blood pressure machine failures in time. Statistics show the prolonged lifespan of any medical devices that were professionally inspected by TRH Services technicians. Our specialists use modern software to generate advance test reports explicitly designed for the tested equipment type (over a thousand combinations). General Blood Pressure Machine requires the following steps to be compliant:

  • Physical Inspection (Includes all the related parts)
  • Battery Tests (Voltage and Expiration Date)
  • Leak Tests (Internal or External)
  • Accuracy Tests (Up to ±1mmHg)
  • Time Tests (Up to ±1 second)
  • System Tests (Software Update, Date/Daylight saving Time)


To generate such an advanced test report, TRH Services uses only certified biomedical testing equipment such as Patient Simulator that capable of imitating a wide range of accurate blood pressure readings. All units that are tested are marked with TRH Services Preventative Maintenance (PM) Label.  The PM label plays an essential role by providing all the required information about the service provider, Biomedical Engineering Technologist initials, date of inspection and, of course, a highly prestige name on any tested machine.

For more details on TRH Services blood pressure machine equipment servicing, call 519-893-9488 or email info@trhservices.ca

Here is a brief listing of some of the common blood pressure units that we work on:

Equipment Inventory – Descriptions
EID ManufacturerEID Model Number
A&D Engineering Inc.5534
A&D Engineering Inc.UA-1020CN
A&D Engineering Inc.UA-631V
A&D Engineering Inc.UA-702
A&D Engineering Inc.UA-704
A&D Engineering Inc.UA-705
A&D Engineering Inc.UA-767
A&D Engineering Inc.UA-767 Plus
A&D Engineering Inc.UA-767PC
A&D Engineering Inc.UA-774
A&D Engineering Inc.UA-779
A&D Engineering Inc.UA-787
A&D Engineering Inc.UA-789
A&D Engineering Inc.UB-521
ActusHand Held
AlmedicHand Held
Almedica AgHand Held
ALPK2Hand Held
Amber SpaN/A
American Diagnostic Corp. (ADC)6013
American Diagnostic Corp. (ADC)6021
American Diagnostic Corp. (ADC)6023
American Diagnostic Corp. (ADC)Hand Held
AMG Medical Inc106-920
AMG Medical Inc106-940
AMG Medical Inc106-945
AMG Medical Inc106-950
AMG Medical Inc106-955
AMG Medical Inc106-960
AMG Medical IncHand Held
AMG Medical IncProfessional Series
Barrington DiagnosticsFloor Model
Barrington DiagnosticsHand Held
BMSHand Held
Body CheckHand Held
BpTRU Medical DevicesBPM-200
Briggs Healthcare04-620-001
BV Medical StandardHand Held
Chattanooga GroupPressure Feedback
E.R.P LTD.MS-001
HealthmateHand Held
Heine GermanyGamma G5
Heine GermanyGamma G7
Heine GermanyGamma XXL LF
Heine GermanyGamma XXL Wall Mount
Heine GermanyHand Held
Heine GermanyWall
Henry ScheinHand Held
HoMedics, LLC.BP-A06-00CA
HoMedics, LLC.BPA-110-2CA
IMCOHand Held
Keller Medical SpecialtiesKMS 890
Keller Medical SpecialtiesKMS890
LabTronHand Held
Life Brand5534
Mabis Health Care Inc.04-244-001
Mabis Health Care Inc.Hand Held
Mabis Health Care Inc.Hand Held Sphygmomanometer
Mabis Match MatesHand Held
Mansfield Medical Distributors LtdHand Held
McCoy RigbySingle Tube
Medisana AGETP
Microlife CorporationBP3MX1-1
N/AFloor Model
N/AHand Held
Nasco Iso PlasticsLF03956
Omron Healthcare Inc.12-605
Omron Healthcare Inc.2Z01998L
Omron Healthcare Inc.412CREL
Omron Healthcare Inc.705IT
Omron Healthcare Inc.964804
Omron Healthcare Inc.BP710(HEM-7113-Z)
Omron Healthcare Inc.BP710CAN
Omron Healthcare Inc.BP742CAN (HEM-7200-CA)
Omron Healthcare Inc.BP755CAN-CD6
Omron Healthcare Inc.BP760CAN
Omron Healthcare Inc.BP760CAN (HEM-7220-CA)
Omron Healthcare Inc.BP762CAN
Omron Healthcare Inc.BP785
Omron Healthcare Inc.BP785 (HEM-7222-Z)
Omron Healthcare Inc.BP785CAN
Omron Healthcare Inc.Hand Held
Omron Healthcare Inc.HEM – 7411CAN
Omron Healthcare Inc.HEM-412CRELN2
Omron Healthcare Inc.HEM-431
Omron Healthcare Inc.HEM-601
Omron Healthcare Inc.HEM-605
Omron Healthcare Inc.HEM-629
Omron Healthcare Inc.HEM-650
Omron Healthcare Inc.HEM-650CANN
Omron Healthcare Inc.HEM-7000-CANCS
Omron Healthcare Inc.HEM-705CP
Omron Healthcare Inc.HEM-705CPCAN
Omron Healthcare Inc.HEM-711
Omron Healthcare Inc.HEM-711ACCANIN
Omron Healthcare Inc.HEM-711ACCANN
Omron Healthcare Inc.HEM-711DCXCAN
Omron Healthcare Inc.HEM-711DLX
Omron Healthcare Inc.HEM-711DLXCAN
Omron Healthcare Inc.HEM711LXCAN
Omron Healthcare Inc.HEM-712c
Omron Healthcare Inc.HEM-712CN2
Omron Healthcare Inc.HEM-7220-CA
Omron Healthcare Inc.HEM-7220-CACS
Omron Healthcare Inc.HEM-741
Omron Healthcare Inc.HEM-741CAN
Omron Healthcare Inc.HEM-757
Omron Healthcare Inc.HEM-773
Omron Healthcare Inc.HEM-775 CAN
Omron Healthcare Inc.HEM-775CAN
Omron Healthcare Inc.HEM-780
Omron Healthcare Inc.HEM-780CAN
Omron Healthcare Inc.HEM-780CANN
Omron Healthcare Inc.HEM-780N2
Omron Healthcare Inc.HEM-780N3
Omron Healthcare Inc.HEM790ITCAN
Omron Healthcare Inc.HEM-790ITCAN
Omron Healthcare Inc.HEM-907xl
Omron Healthcare Inc.Marshall 85
Omron Healthcare Inc.N/A
ParaMed Technology Inc.910
Prestige MedicalHand Held
Prestige MedicalOne Pieace
Rexall Brands CorpRX100
Rexall Brands CorpRX800
Riester GmbHFloor Model
Riester GmbHMinimus II
Riester GmbHWall Mount
Shoppers Drug Mart, Ltd.BC03
Smiths Medical PM INC.Mini-Torr Plus
Smiths Medical PM INC.N/A
SphygmomanometerHand Held
Summit Doppler SystemsHand Held
Sunbeam-Oster Company7621
SunTech Medical Inc.Hand Held
TaylorHand Held
TaylorMOD II
Thermor Ltd.33601
Thermor Ltd.3AL1-3E
Thermor Ltd.3MS1-4K
Tremblay Harrison, Inc.ABP-A1
Tyco Healthcare Group LPCart
Tyco Healthcare Group LPDual Tube
Tyco Healthcare Group LPFloor Model
Tyco Healthcare Group LPHand
Tyco Healthcare Group LPHand Held
Tyco Healthcare Group LPMercury
Tyco Healthcare Group LPMercury Wall Mount
Tyco Healthcare Group LPN/A
Tyco Healthcare Group LPOne Piece
Tyco Healthcare Group LPSingle Tube
Tyco Healthcare Group LPSuper Shock Resistant
Tyco Healthcare Group LPWall
Tyco Healthcare Group LPWall Model
Tyco Healthcare Group LPWall Mount
Tyco Healthcare Group LPWall mounted
UtilityHand Held
Veridian Healthcare LLCFloor Model
VetlineVet HDO
VSM MedTech LtdBP3-300
W. A. Baum Co. Inc.N/A
W. A. Baum Co. Inc.0950NL
W. A. Baum Co. Inc.1050
W. A. Baum Co. Inc.Baumanometer
W. A. Baum Co. Inc.Floor Model
W. A. Baum Co. Inc.Hand Held
W. A. Baum Co. Inc.Mercury
W. A. Baum Co. Inc.Mercury Wall Mount
W. A. Baum Co. Inc.Riester
W. A. Baum Co. Inc.Standby
W. A. Baum Co. Inc.Wall
W. A. Baum Co. Inc.Wall Model
W. A. Baum Co. Inc.Wall Mount
W. A. Baum Co. Inc.Wall Mounted
Wal-Mart Canada20457
Welch AllynHand Held
Welch Allyn5300
Welch AllynD-72417
Welch AllynFloor Model
Welch AllynN344
Welch AllynWall Mount
Yamasu PakistanHand Held
TechnomedicHand Held
Omron Healthcare Inc.HEM-7121-CA
AMG Medical Inc106-930
Contec Medical Systems Co. Ltd.CONTEC08A
Omron Healthcare Inc.BP742N (HEM-7131-Z)
Welch AllynAnalog Blood Pressure
Physio logicHand
Life BrandBM35/1U
Welch AllynTycos Hand Held
Welch Allyn2400
Welch AllynProBP 3400 Series


Written by: Jan Kara

Edited by: Tyler Hasenpflug CET