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Automated External Defibrillators (AED)

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Automated External Defibrillators, also known as AEDs, are portable electronic devices used to help revive someone experiencing a sudden cardiac arrest. These AEDs can be found in physiotherapy clinics, dental offices, and many other public offices all over the world. These devices deliver an electronic shock, or defibrillation, to help restore the heart’s normal rhythm. Up to 45,000 people die of sudden cardiac arrests yearly in Canada alone. This number can drastically decrease if people had better access to these AEDs. Studies have shown that AEDs can increase survival rates by up to 70%. Sales of AEDs have recently spiked after well-known soccer player Christian Eriksen, collapsed and suffered a cardiac arrest during a match at Euro 2020. The AED was used, and it helped save Eriksen’s life. This was just an example of how important having access to these devices is. 

Even though these devices are relatively expensive, the cost is a small price to pay considering how many lives these AEDs can save. 

How do you use AEDs?

AEDs require minimal training to use. Once the unit is powered on, voice prompts are initiated to guide the user through the subsequent steps. The electrode pads are then attached to the victim; the device automatically diagnoses the heart rhythm and determines if an electric shock is required. 

TRH Services Annual Preventive Maintenance

During our annual preventive maintenance, TRH Services will thoroughly test your AEDs. The AEDs are worthless if not properly maintained, so here at TRH services, we strongly recommend performing maintenance at least once a year. Our technologists inspect the device for wear, cracks, and any signs of damage. Furthermore, the batteries and the electrode pads are inspected to ensure that they are not expired. A self-test is also completed to make sure the AED is ready to use. 

For more information on TRH Services and the work that we do with AEDs, please call 1-844-371-9488 or email info@trhservices.ca.


Here are some common AED’s that we work on:

Description FieldManufacturer FieldModel Number Field
Defibrillator – AEDCardiac Science Corporation9200
Defibrillator – AEDCardiac Science Corporation9300A-201
Defibrillator – AEDCardiac Science Corporation9300A-501
Defibrillator – AEDCardiac Science Corporation9300E-001-C3
Defibrillator – AEDCardiac Science Corporation9300E-501
Defibrillator – AEDCardiac Science Corporation9300E-501 (            POWERHEART G3 PRO)
Defibrillator – AEDCardiac Science Corporation9390A-1001
Defibrillator – AEDCardiac Science Corporation9390A-501
Defibrillator – AEDCardiac Science CorporationG3
Defibrillator – AEDCardiac Science CorporationPower Heart AED G3
Defibrillator – AEDCardiac Science CorporationPowerheart AED G3
Defibrillator – AEDDefibtech LLCDDU-100A
Defibrillator – AEDDefibtech LLCDDU-100E
Defibrillator – AEDDefibtech LLCLifeLine
Defibrillator – AEDDefibtech LLCLifeline AED
Defibrillator – AEDHeartSine Technologies, Ltd.350P
Defibrillator – AEDHeartSine Technologies, Ltd.SAM 300
Defibrillator – AEDHeartSine Technologies, Ltd.SAM 300P
Defibrillator – AEDHeartSine Technologies, Ltd.Samaritan PAD 350p
Defibrillator – AEDMedtronicLifePak CR Plus
Defibrillator – AEDPhilipsHeart Start
Defibrillator – AEDPhilips HealthcareHeart Start HS1
Defibrillator – AEDPhilips HealthcareHeart Start HS1 (M5066A
Defibrillator – AEDPhilips HealthcareHeart Start HS1 (M5066A)
Defibrillator – AEDPhilips HealthcareHeart Start HS1 [M5066a ABA]
Defibrillator – AEDPhilips HealthcareHeartstart (M5070A)
Defibrillator – AEDPhilips HealthcareHeartStart FRX
Defibrillator – AEDPhilips HealthcareHeartstart HS1
Defibrillator – AEDPhilips HealthcareHS1
Defibrillator – AEDPhilips HealthcareM5066A
Defibrillator – AEDPhilips HealthcareM5068A
Defibrillator – AEDPhilips Medical SystemsHeartstart HS1
Defibrillator – AEDWelch AllynAED10
Defibrillator – AEDZoll Medical CorporationAED 3
Defibrillator – AEDZoll Medical CorporationAED Plus
Defibrillator – AEDZoll Medical CorporationAEDPlus
Defibrillator – AEDZoll Medical CorporationIP55
Defibrillator – AEDZoll Medical CorporationZoll AED Plus