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Syringe Pump (8110  Alaris syringe module)

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A syringe pump is one type of drug administration pump, which is mainly used for low-volume infusion.

The Alaris 8110 Syringe module has a unique pressure sensing disc which helps in monitoring in-line pressure. Some of the main features of the 8110 Alaris syringe module are:


  • Customizable Guardrails for additional safety of the patients.
  • Supports a wide range of syringe sizes from 1-60ml.
  • Unique pressure sensing disc reduces time to alarm and start-up delays.
  • Real-time in-line pressure monitoring capabilities.



(8110 BD Alaris Syringe module)

Common 8110 syringe pump failures


  • Syringe size sensor failure.
  • Plunger force sensor failure.
  • Plunger position sensor failure.
  • Barrel clamp failure.
  • Nut disengage failure.
  • IUI connectivity errors.
  • Pressure disc failure.


Most of the failures mentioned above can be avoided by proper cleaning and maintenance of the pump.

Fluid ingress is one of the main issues that interact with the sensors, boards, and mechanical movements inside, which could lead to the failure of the device.


TRH Services Preventive Maintenance Program.


Routine preventive maintenance and cleaning of the device will prolong the life span of the unit and helps to identify potential failures early. At TRH Services, we have a comprehensive test procedure as per manufacturers’ specifications.


Test procedures include:


  • Alarm tests
  • Keypad tests.
  • Barrel size accuracy.
  • Plunger position accuracy
  • Plunger force accuracy.
  • Pressure disc accuracy.
  • Occlusion tests.
  • Cleaning to avoid fluid ingress.



Written by: Balachander Gopalakrishnan
Edited by: Tyler Hasenpflug CET