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December 2022!

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The Secret to Equipment Longevity and Reliability Is Preventative Maintenance. TRH Services is a pioneer in equipment repair and maintenance and is aware of the value of preventative maintenance. Regular inspections and tune-ups can help your equipment last longer and reduce the likelihood of expensive malfunctions. Equipment failure is the last thing anyone wants as the busy Christmas season approaches. Because of this, our crew puts in a lot of effort to make sure that all of our customers’ equipment is in good working order.
Our staff at TRH Services worked incredibly hard in December to keep up with the increasing demand for equipment maintenance and repairs. Despite the holiday rush, we were able to effectively fulfil a number of contracts and maintain the functionality of our customer’s equipment.

In addition to responding to repair needs, our team also took the time to perform preventative maintenance on various types of equipment. By conducting regular check-ups, we are able to identify and address any potential issues before they become larger problems. This proactive approach not only helps to extend the life of equipment, but it also provides peace of mind for our customers, knowing that their equipment is running at peak performance.
At TRH Services, we are committed to providing our customers with top-notch service, and preventative maintenance is a critical part of that commitment. If you have any questions or concerns about the maintenance and repair of your equipment, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our team of experts is here to help.

Here is a list of equipment that we tested in December:

DescriptionManufacturer Model Number 

HEre is

Air MattressJoerns Healthcare Inc.Arise LAL
Air MattressJoerns Healthcare Inc.ES2
Air Mattress SystemSpan America3400
Anesthetic Gas MachineDatex-OhmedaAestiva 5 7900 CON (1006-9305-000)
Anesthetic Gas MachineDatex-OhmedaAisys CS2 (1011-9050-000)
Anesthetic Gas MachineGE Medical Systems Information Technologies Inc.CS2
Arm ErgometerMonark881E
AutoclaveMidmark CorporationM11-022
AutoclaveMidmark CorporationM9
AutoclaveTuttnauer2340EA (EZ9)
AutoclaveTuttnauer Company Ltd.EZ11-Plus
Bladder ScannerMcube Technology Co., Ltd.BioCon-700
Blanket WarmerArizant Healthcare Inc.Bair Hugger 775
Blanket WarmerEnthermics Medical SystemsDC750
Blood  Pressure UnitA&D Engineering Inc.UA-651CN
Blood  Pressure UnitADCHand
Blood  Pressure UnitOmron Healthcare Co., Ltd.BP7100
Blood  Pressure UnitOmron Healthcare Co., Ltd.BP7100CAN
Blood Glucose MeterLifescan Inc.OneTouch Ultra 2
Blood Pressure UnitAMG Medical IncHand Held
Blood Pressure UnitBpTRU Medical DevicesBPM-200
Blood Pressure UnitHeine GermanyGamma G7
Blood Pressure UnitMedline industries Inc.MDS4001
Blood Pressure UnitOmron Healthcare Co., Ltd.BP765CAN
Blood Pressure UnitOmron Healthcare Co., Ltd.HEM-907XL
Blood Pressure UnitTyco Healthcare Group LPFloor Model
Blood Pressure UnitTyco Healthcare Group LPHand Held
Blood Pressure UnitTyco Healthcare Group LPTycos
Blood Pressure UnitTycosHand
Blood Pressure UnitW. A. Baum Co. Inc.Mercury
Blood Pressure UnitWelch Allyn3400 (ProBP 3400 series)
Blood Pressure UnitWelch AllynFloor Model
Blood Pressure UnitWelch AllynHand Held
Blood Pressure UnitWelch AllynProBP 3400 Series
Blood Pressure UnitWelch AllynTycos
Blood Pressure UnitWelch AllynWall Mount
Building MaintenanceN/AN/A
Centrifugethermo ScientificST8
Chiropractic TableElite Chiropractic TableChiro Table
Chiropractic TableHill LaboratoriesHA90W
DefibrillatorZoll Medical CorporationR Series ALS
Defibrillator – AEDZoll Medical CorporationAED 3
Defibrillator – AEDZoll Medical CorporationAED Plus
Dental ChairDexta CorporationMK80/610/SWIVEL
DopplerHuntleigh Healthcare Ltd.,FD1
DopplerHuntleigh Healthcare Ltd.,FD3
DopplerSummit Doppler SystemsLifeDop
Doppler – FetalHuntleigh Healthcare Ltd.,FD1
DynamometerSaehan CorporationHand
DynamometerSaehan CorporationSH5001
ElectrocardiographBurdick CorporationELI 280
ElectrocardiographBurdick CorporationELI 380
Electrosurgery UnitERBE Elektromedizin TubingenVIO 300 D
EMG MachineChattanooga Group77616
EMS MachineCurrent Solutions LLCTwin Stim
Entonox SystemO-Two Medical Technologies Inc01RE05S10-B
Flow Meter – OxygenAmvex Corporation0 – 15 L / MIN
Flow Meter – OxygenAmvex CorporationBRASS INTEGRAL 50 PSI O2 REGULATOR
Flow Meter – OxygenCramer Decker Medical, Inc.AREG8715
Flow Meter – OxygenInovo Inc.Oxygen Regulator 50PSI (9/02)
Flow Meter – OxygenOhmedaN/A
Flow Meter – OxygenO-Two Medical Technologies IncHB-15-870-1R
Flow Meter – OxygenPrecision Medical8MFA
Flow Meter – OxygenVitalAireIHB-15-870-1R
Flow Meter – OxygenVitalAireSLIMLITE II
Flow Meter – OxygenWestern Medica0 – 15 L / MIN
Flow Meter – OxygenWestern MedicaN/A
Gas Regulator – Nitrous OxideHarris Products Group702050326D
Gas Regulator – Nitrous OxideWestern EnterprisesM1-326-P
Gas Regulator – OxygenHarris Products Group702050540D
Gas Regulator – OxygenWestern EnterprisesM2-540-P
Hospital BedDrive Medical15005L
Hospital BedHill-RomAdvanta 2
Hospital BedHill-RomP3200
Hospital BedSpan AmericaAdvantage (MC7WML)
Hospital BedSpan AmericaAdvantage (QD1000MLF)
Hospital BedSpan AmericaQD1000MLFB
HydrocollatorChattanooga Group2102
HydrocollatorChattanooga GroupE-1
HydrocollatorChattanooga GroupM-2
Infusion PumpB. Braun Medical Inc.Vista Basic
Infusion PumpBaxter Healthcare CorporationNovumIQ
Infusion Pump – FeedingKendall™ePump
Infusion Pump – GeneralAlaris Medical Systems8100DXEN91177
Infusion Pump – GeneralB. Braun Medical Inc.637-202
Infusion Pump – GeneralB. Braun Medical Inc.Outlook 400ES
Infusion Pump – GeneralBaxter Healthcare CorporationFlo-Gard 6201
Infusion Pump – Mobile Systems ManagerAlaris Medical Systems8015
Interferential / Ultrasound UnitChattanooga Group2738
Interferential / Ultrasound UnitChattanooga Group2778
Interferential / Ultrasound UnitChattanooga GroupIntelect Neo
Interferential / Ultrasound UnitChattanooga GroupINTELECT TRANSPORTABLE #2738
Interferential / Ultrasound UnitExcel Tech Ltd.EX-UL3
Interferential / Ultrasound UnitRoscoe Medical, Inc.Combo Care
Interferential UnitChattanooga Group2783
Interferential UnitDynatronics Corporation525
Interferential UnitDynatronics CorporationD500
Interferential UnitExcel Tech Ltd.MU-3
Interferential UnitITO Co., Ltd.ES-521
Interferential UnitZMI Electronics, Ltd.100500A
LaserChattanooga Group2779
Light – ProcedureN/AProcedure
MannequinN/AMedical Mannequin
Medical Gas System – OutletTri-Tech Medical Inc.AIR / O2 / VAC
Medical Gas System – OutletTri-Tech Medical Inc.O2 / VAC
Medical Gas System – OutletTri-Tech Medical Inc.O2 /VAC
Medication WorkstationCapsa SolutionsM38e
Medication WorkstationCapsa SolutionsMX40
MicroscopeJ.K. Hoppl CorporationOMS II
MicroscopezeissOpmi Visu 200
Mobile CartHumanScaleTouchPointT7
NebulizerDeVilbiss Healthcare LLC4650C
Negative Pressure Wound TherapySmith & Nephew Medical LimitedRenasys Touch
Neuromuscular StimulatorBio Protech Inc.MAXEMS 2000
Neuromuscular StimulatorCefar Medical ABRehab X2
Neuromuscular StimulatorEmpi Inc.Respond Select
Neuromuscular StimulatorEveryway Medical Instruments Co., LTDN601
Nitrous Gas Delivery SystemAccutron Inc.Digital Ultra
Nitrous Gas Delivery SystemFraser Sweatman Inc.MDM
Nitrous Gas Delivery SystemPorter Instruments Co.2000
Ophthalmoscope / OtoscopeADCmini 3000
Ophthalmoscope / OtoscopeAmerican Diagnostic Corp. (ADC)Ophthalmoscope
Ophthalmoscope / OtoscopeHeine GermanyEN100
Ophthalmoscope / OtoscopeHeine GermanyMini 2000
Ophthalmoscope / OtoscopeHeine GermanyMini 3000
Ophthalmoscope / OtoscopeWelch Allyn11720
Ophthalmoscope / Otoscopewelch allyn13010
Ophthalmoscope / OtoscopeWelch Allyn23820
Ophthalmoscope / OtoscopeWelch Allyn74710
Ophthalmoscope / OtoscopeWelch Allyn767 Series
Ophthalmoscope / OtoscopeWelch Allyn777
Ophthalmoscope / Otoscope BaseWelch AllynREF 13010
Parallel BarsMidland Manufacturing Company LTD1412EL
Parallel BarsMidland Manufacturing Company LTD1415
Patient Data Module – ECG / NIBP / SPO2 / TEMPGE Medical Systems Information Technologies Inc.PDM
Patient LiftArjo Instrument AB Eslov SwedenSara 3000
Patient LiftBHM Medical Inc.V4I –  Battery Unit
Patient LiftJoerns Healthcare Inc.HOY-ADVANCE-E
Patient MonitorEdanM3
Patient MonitorEdan Instruments Inc.iM50
Patient MonitorGE Medical Systems Information Technologies Inc.B650
Patient MonitorPhilips Medical SystemsIntelliVue X3
Patient MonitorPhilips Medical SystemsMX450
Patient MonitorSunTech Medical Inc.CT40
Patient MonitorWelch Allyn6000 Series
Patient MonitorWelch Allyn64NTPX
Patient Monitor – Agent / ECG / NIBP / Printer / SPO2Edan Instruments Inc.iM60
Patient Monitor – ECG / NIBP / Printer/ SPO2 / TempCriticare Systems Inc.8100EP
Patient Monitor – ECG / NIBP / SPO2Edan Instruments Inc.iM50
Patient Monitor – ECG / NIBP / SPO2 / TempEdan Instruments Inc.X10
Patient Monitor – NIBP / Printer / SPO2Edan Instruments Inc.M3
Patient Monitor – NIBP / SPO2Edan Instruments Inc.iM3
Patient Monitor – NIBP / SPO2Edan Instruments Inc.M3
Patient Monitor – NIBP / SPO2Welch Allyn42M0B
Patient Monitor – NIBP / SPO2 / PrinterMindray Co. LTD.Acccutor 7
Patient Monitor – NIBP / SPO2 / TempHill-RomSpot Vital Signs 4400
Patient Monitor – NIBP / SPO2 / TempWelch Allyn42MTB
Patient Monitor – NIBP / SPO2 / TempWelch Allyn42NTB
Patient Warming SystemJorVetVET 1222NA.1
Pulley SystemAthena Manufacturing & Design Inc.Wall
Pulley SystemCardon Rehabilition and Medical Equipment LTD.Wall
Pulley SystemHanoun Medical inc.,WP02
Pulley SystemSteens Industrier AST14-1
Pulse OximeterAmerican Diagnostic Corp. (ADC)2100CN
Pulse OximeterBeijing Choice Electronics Co., Ltd.MD300C22
Pulse OximeterChoiceMMed America Co.Finger pulse oximiter
Pulse OximeterCovidenPM10N
Pulse OximeterCovidienPM10N
Pulse OximeterEdan Instruments Inc.H100
Pulse OximeterEdan Instruments Inc.H100B
Pulse OximeterN/APC00030214
Pulse OximeterNonin Medical Inc8500
Pulse OximeterNonin Medical Inc9550
Pulse OximeterNonin Medical Inc9590
Pulse OximeterSmiths Medical ASD INC.WW1000EN
Recumbent BikeNuStep Inc.TRS4000
Recumbent BikeSCIFITRST7000
Safety AnalyzerBC Biomedical Laboratories Ltd.SA-2005
Scale – AdultHealth-O-Meter880KL
Scale – AdultSeca GmbH200KG / 440LB
Scale – ChairArjo Instrument AB Eslov SwedenCBD-80xx
Scale – ChairSeca GmbH954 1309803
Scale – ChairSOEHNLED03-09-013
Scale – InfantAmerican Red CrossDigital – 40lb
Scale – InfantHealth-O-Meter8320KL
Scale – InfantRice Lake Weighing SystemsRL-DBS
Scale – InfantSOEHNLE8320
Scale – SlingChatillon Force Measurement SystemsIN-12
Scale – Wheel ChairCardinal Scale Manufacturing Co758C
Scale – Wheel ChairHealth-O-Meter2600KL
Scavenging SystemN/APassive System
Shockwave TherapyZimmer MedizinSysteme GmbhenPlus Version 2.0
Smoke Evacuator SystemI.C. Medical, Inc.ICM-350D
Suction RegulatorAMICO CorporationSRA-CH
Suction RegulatorAmvex CorporationN/A
Suction RegulatorPrecision MedicalP3300 – Intermittent
Suction RegulatorPrecision MedicalPM 3300
Suction UnitDeVilbiss Healthcare LLC7305P-D
Suction UnitDeVilbiss Healthcare LLC7310PR-d
Suction UnitDrive Medical18600
Suction UnitGomco3001
Suction UnitGomco3040
Suction UnitLaerdal Medical As881151
Suction UnitLaerdal Medical AsLCSU 4
Suction UnitSchuco IncS330A
Suction UnitSunrise Medical HHG INC.7305P-D
Temperature MonitorBerlinger & Co. AGFridge Tag 2L
TENS UnitAcuhealth PTY LTD.Pointer Plus
TENS UnitApex Medical CorporationTS-1211 Combo
TENS UnitBodymed Hudson550
TENS UnitCompass Health BrandsTWIN STIM
TENS UnitFuji Dynamics LtdFD Tens 2010
TENS UnitITO Co., Ltd.ES-130
TENS UnitITO Co., Ltd.ES-160
TENS UnitITO Co., Ltd.IC-1107+
TENS UnitNeurotracECS 401A
ThermometerAmerican Diagnostic Corp. (ADC)Part #418
ThermometerKaz Canada Inc.V912CA
Thermometer – Autoclave MaxRPIRPT113
Thermometer – OralWelch Allyn01690-000
Thermometer – OralWelch Allyn679
Thermometer – OralWelch Allyn690
Thermometer – OralWelch AllynSure Temp Plus
Thermometer – TympanicWelch AllynThermoscan
Treatment BedAkron Therapy Products9232C
Treatment BedArmedica Manufacturing Corp.AM300
Treatment BedAtlas Medic INCSignature 3S
Treatment BedCardon Rehabilition and Medical Equipment LTD.CTT
Treatment BedCardon Rehabilition and Medical Equipment LTD.CTT-R27627
Treatment BedCardon Rehabilition and Medical Equipment LTD.R27634
Treatment BedFoundationEU25
Treatment BedFoundationN/A
Treatment BedFoundationTC120-01
Treatment BedJupiterN/A
Treatment BedLopier110
Treatment BedMedelco IncEL2000
Treatment BedMedelco IncOmniPlinth
Treatment BedMedi Plinth LTD.11713-605
Treatment BedMedi-Man Rehabilitation11713-605
Treatment BedMed-Ortho Design & Manufacturing Ltd27110
Treatment BedMetron Medical Australia Pty Ltd.T8410
Treatment BedNor-Am Patient Care Products Ltd.Multiflex
Treatment BedOmniplinth (Medelco)EL2000
Treatment BedSeers Medical LimitedST3566-115T-1WF
Treatment TableCarbon Rehabctt
Treatment TableHill LaboratoriesHA90c
Treatment TableHill Laboratorieshi/lo
Treatment TableKor Innovations IncEL2003
Treatment TableMED OrthoHR 550
Treatment TableMedi Plinth LTD.11713-605
Treatment TableMetron Medical Australia Pty Ltd.EURO ASTER T8410
Treatment TableSeers Medical Limited5T3566-115T-1WF
Treatment TableSeers Medical Limitedsm2700
Treatment TableSeers Medical LimitedST3566
Treatment TableSeers Medical LimitedST-5561-115T-1WF
Treatment TableWilliams Healthcare Systems0440s
Ultrasonic CleanerMidmark CorporationM250 Soniclean
Ultrasound Machine – TherapeuticChattanooga Group2776
Ultrasound Machine – TherapeuticChattanooga Group2782
Ultrasound Machine – TherapeuticChattanooga GroupIntelect Mobile Ultrasound (2776)
Ultrasound Machine – TherapeuticChattanooga GroupIntelect TranSport (2782)
Ultrasound Machine – TherapeuticCurrent Solutions LLCSoundCare Plus
Ultrasound Machine – TherapeuticEMS Physio LtdTherasonic 460
Ultrasound Machine – TherapeuticExcel Tech Ltd.ULTRA SX
Ultrasound Machine – TherapeuticMettler Electronics CorporationME730
Ultrasound Machine – TherapeuticMettler Electronics CorporationME740
Ultrasound Machine – TherapeuticRich-Mar CorporationAutosound 5.6
Ultrasound Machine – TherapeuticRich-Mar CorporationTHERASOUND 3.4
Ultrasound Machine – TherapeuticRich-Mar CorporationTherasound 3.5
Vacuum Pump SystemClass 1 Inc.OLC300-S30X2
Vacuum RegulatorOhmedaVacuum Regulator
Vaporizer – SevofluraneDatex-OhmedaAladin 2 (1100-9032-000)
Vaporizer – SevofluraneDatex-OhmedaTEC 7
Vaporizer – SevofluraneMindray Co. LTD.V60 (115-025532-00)
Vehicle – SUVMazda2016 CX5 – GS AWD
VentilatorPhilips Medical SystemsTrilogy EVO 300
Water Filter with Shut-offAir Techniques Inc.53150
Wax BathThermal Electric CompanyPB-104
Weight Lifting EquipmentClinton Industies incn/a