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Welcome to 2023 – January 2023 Blog Update

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Welcome to 2023: A New Year and a New Chance for Successful Equipment
TRH Services would like to send a heartfelt greeting to our esteemed clients as we ring in the new year. We are eager to start another year offering top-notch equipment maintenance and repair services.

It’s crucial to remember that 2023 will likely be a busy year for TRH Services as we enter it. We anticipate assisting more customers with maintaining their equipment as our company expands. No matter the difficulty, our team of professionals is committed to offering top-notch service and assistance.

Preventative maintenance is one of the secrets to successful equipment operation. Regular inspections and tune-ups can help your equipment last longer and reduce the likelihood of costly malfunctions. To make sure that their equipment is performing at its best, TRH Services highly advises customers to adhere to their preventative maintenance schedule.

Last but not least, we are excited to welcome 2023 and are looking forward to collaborating with our clients to make sure that their equipment is operating at its peak. As always, our staff can give you the assistance and services you require to keep your equipment in top condition. Don’t be afraid to contact us if you have any questions, or problems, or need maintenance or repairs. We’re prepared to assist.

Here is a list of equipment we tested in 2023!

Description Manufacturer Model Number
Air MattressMason Medical ProductsMason Air LS/AS 8800
Air Mattress SystemSpan America6500
Air MoverRigidAM22651
Anesthetic Gas MachineDatex-OhmedaAestiva 5 7900 CON (1006-9305-000)
Anesthetic Gas MachineDatex-OhmedaAisys CS2 (1011-9050-000)
Anesthetic Gas MachineGE Medical Systems Information Technologies Inc.CS2
Anesthetic Gas MachineMindray Co. LTD.A5 (0631B-PA00012)
Apex LocatorJ. Morita MFG CORPRoot ZX II (DP-ZX-VL)
Arm ErgometerHCI FitnessPhysioTrainer
Arm ErgometerMonark881E
AutoclaveMidmark CorporationM11
AutoclaveMidmark CorporationM11-020
AutoclaveMidmark CorporationM9-022
AutoclavePelton & Crane Co.DELTA XL
Bladder Scanner – Calibration KeyVerathon Inc.Master Key
Blood  Pressure UnitADCAneroid
Blood  Pressure UnitBIOS DiagnosticsBD201
Blood  Pressure UnitWelch AllynTycos
Blood  Pressure UnitWelch AllynWall Mount
Blood Pressure SimulatorBC Biomedical Laboratories Ltd.NIBP-1020
Blood Pressure UnitA&D Engineering Inc.UA-767FAM
Blood Pressure UnitADCPro Advantage
Blood Pressure UnitADCSphygmomanometer
Blood Pressure UnitAmerican Diagnostic Corp. (ADC)805
Blood Pressure UnitAmerican Diagnostic Corp. (ADC)ANEROID
Blood Pressure UnitAMG Medical Inc106-930
Blood Pressure UnitBIOS Diagnostics3AL1-3E
Blood Pressure UnitBpTRU Medical DevicesBMP-200
Blood Pressure UnitBriggs HealthcareHealth Smart
Blood Pressure UnitHangzhou Sejoy ElectronicsBP-103H
Blood Pressure UnitMabis Health Care Inc.ANEROID
Blood Pressure UnitMedlineHandheld
Blood Pressure UnitOmron Healthcare Co., Ltd.BP769CAN
Blood Pressure UnitOmron Healthcare Inc.BP652 (HEM-6052-Z)
Blood Pressure UnitPrestige MedicalHand Held
Blood Pressure UnitPro advantageAnderoid
Blood Pressure UnitTyco Healthcare Group LPCart
Blood Pressure UnitTyco Healthcare Group LPFloor Model
Blood Pressure UnitTyco Healthcare Group LPHand Held
Blood Pressure UnitTyco Healthcare Group LPWall Mount
Blood Pressure UnitTycosHand
Blood Pressure UnitW. A. Baum Co. Inc.0950NL
Blood Pressure UnitW. A. Baum Co. Inc.Hand Held
Blood Pressure UnitW. A. Baum Co. Inc.Wall Mount
Blood Pressure UnitWelch Allyn5098-31
Blood Pressure UnitWelch AllynCart
Blood Pressure UnitWelch AllynFloor Model
Blood Pressure UnitWelch AllynHand Held
Blood Pressure UnitWelch AllynTycos
Blood Pressure UnitWelch AllynWall Mount
Blood Pressure UnitWelch AllynWall Mounted
Building MaintenanceN/AN/A
CentrifugeDrucker Diagnostics642E VWR
CentrifugeHettich InternationalEBA20
Chiropractic TableWilliams Healthcare Zenith IIZenith 440
Compression SystemCovidien700 series
CPM – Legthe Furniss Corporation LTD.DC2480
DefibrillatorMedtronicLifepak 20
DefibrillatorZoll Medical CorporationAED Plus
DefibrillatorZoll Medical CorporationR Series ALS
Defibrillator – AEDCardiac Science Corporation9300E-501
Defibrillator – AEDHeartSine Technologies, Ltd.SAM 300P
Defibrillator – AEDPhilips HealthcareHS1
Defibrillator – AEDPhilips HealthcareM5068A
Defibrillator – AEDZoll Medical CorporationAED 3
Defibrillator – AEDZoll Medical CorporationAED Plus
Dental ChairBoyd IndustriesE525
Dental ChairDexta CorporationMK25X/604/14
Dental ChairDexta CorporationMK25X/604-14
Dental ChairPelton & Crane Co.SP30
Dental Chair / LampDexta CorporationMK9C/330E-10
Dental Drill Control UnitDentech01-13-368
Dental Drill Control UnitForestN/A
Dental Drill Control UnitNakanishi Inc.Straumann Surgical Motor Pro
Dental LightPelton & Crane Co.HBT-3
Diathermy AnalyzerTRH ServicesMettler
Doppler – FetalHuntleigh Healthcare Ltd.,FD1
Doppler – FetalSummit Doppler SystemsL250
DynamometerChatillon Force Measurement Systems500 LBF
DynamometerChatillon Force Measurement SystemsDMG-500
DynamometerJamarPlus + (Hand)
DynamometerLafayette Instrument Company5030L1
Dynamometer – PinchBaseline12-0235
Dynamometer – PinchBaselineN/A
Electrical GeneratorGenerac Power SystemsQT04554GNSNA
ElectrocardiographBurdick CorporationELI 280
Electrosurgery UnitBovie Medical CorporationA940
Electrosurgery UnitValleylabForce FX
Exercise BikeTechnogymExcite
Flow Meter – OxygenAMICO CorporationFMO-15I-DH
Flow Meter – OxygenAMICO CorporationFMO-15L-DH
Flow Meter – OxygenAmvex Corporation0 – 15 L / MIN
Flow Meter – OxygenAmvex CorporationCGA-870
Flow Meter – OxygenRoscoe Medical, Inc.RMI-15ST
Flow Meter – OxygenTSI incorporated4040 H
Flow Meter – OxygenWestern EnterprisesOPA-820
Gas Regulator – AirWestern EnterprisesM1-346-P
Gas Regulator – NitrogenAMICO CorporationP-REG-L250-NIT
Gas Regulator – Nitrous OxideHarris Products GroupD-REG-DSTAGE-N2O
Gas Regulator – Nitrous OxideWestern EnterprisesM1-326-P
Gas Regulator – OxygenWestern EnterprisesM2-540-P
Glue GunMastercraftGlue Gun
Heat SourceAnalytic EndodonticsSystem B
Hospital BedCarroliEcho
Hospital BedHill-RomP3200
Hospital BedSpan AmericaQD1000MLFB
HumidifierFisher – PaykelAirvo 2
HydrocollatorChattanooga Group2302
HydrocollatorChattanooga Group2402
HydrocollatorChattanooga GroupM-2
HydrocollatorWhitehall Manufacturing IncT-12-M
Infusion Pump – FeedingCovidenKangaroo ePump
Infusion Pump – FeedingKendall™ePump
Infusion Pump – GeneralAbbottPlum XL
Infusion Pump – GeneralAlaris Medical Systems8100DXEN91177
Infusion Pump – GeneralB. Braun Medical Inc.Outlook 400ES
Infusion Pump – SyringeSmiths Medical ASD INC.medfusion 4000
Interferential / Ultrasound UnitBTL Industries IncBTL-4000 Smart
Interferential / Ultrasound UnitChattanooga Group2760
Interferential / Ultrasound UnitChattanooga GroupIntelect Legend XT (2760)
Interferential / Ultrasound UnitITO Co., Ltd.EU-921
Interferential / Ultrasound UnitMettler Electronics CorporationME994
Interferential / Ultrasound UnitRich-Mar CorporationThera Mini 3
Interferential SimulatorTRH ServicesIFC
Interferential SimulatorTRH ServicesVacuum / IFC
Interferential UnitChattanooga Group2783
Interferential UnitChattanooga GroupForte 200 Stim
Interferential UnitChattanooga GroupINTELECT LEGEND STIM
Interferential UnitDimeqDynomed PM
Interferential UnitDynatronics CorporationD525
Interferential UnitDynatronics CorporationD550 Plus
Interferential UnitExcel Tech Ltd.ISO-3
Interferential UnitExcel Tech Ltd.MU-3
Interferential UnitMettler Electronics CorporationME294
Interferential UnitMettler Electronics CorporationSys Stim 294
Interferential UnitRich-Mar CorporationWinner ST4
LaryngoscopeWelch Allyn60813
LaserChattanooga GroupIntelect Advaced Mobile Laser (2779)
LaserMedx Electronics Inc.MBM 1100
LaserMultiplex Stimulator LTD.LS-1
Laser ProbeMedx Electronics Inc.LCT200-12
Laser ProbeMedx Electronics Inc.MCT502
Light SourceBFW2050
Light SourceBFWMinimax T3
Light SourceWelch AllynGS300
Medical Gas System – AlarmAMICO CorporationALERT
Medical Gas System – AlarmAMICO CorporationALERT 2
Medical Gas System – Shut-offAMICO CorporationO2 / N2O / Nitrogen / Suction
Medical Gas System – Shut-offAMICO CorporationO2 / N2O / Suction
Medical Gas System – Shut-offTri-Tech Medical Inc.CCC12OX1L
Medical Gas System – TesterTRH ServicesOxygen
Medication WorkstationCapsa SolutionsM38e
Medication WorkstationCapsa SolutionsMX40
Mobile CartHumanScaleTouchPointT7
Negative Pressure Wound TherapySmith & Nephew Medical LimitedRenasys Touch
Neuromuscular StimulatorApex Medical CorporationTS-1211
Neuromuscular StimulatorITO Co., Ltd.ES-130
Nitrous Gas Delivery SystemMatrx Medical IncRA
Nitrous Gas Delivery SystemMDS MatrxMDM
Nitrous Gas Delivery SystemParker Hannifin CorporationDigital MDM
Nitrous Gas Delivery SystemRA Medical Services LtdMDM
Ophthalmoscope / OtoscopeHeine GermanyMini 3000
Ophthalmoscope / OtoscopeWelch Allyn11720
Ophthalmoscope / OtoscopeWelch Allyn71050-C
Ophthalmoscope / OtoscopeWelch Allyn767
OscilloscopeFluke123 20 MHZ
Overhead LightDexta CorporationN/A
Parallel BarsMidland Manufacturing Company LTD1412EL
Patient Data ModuleMindray Co. LTD.115-069607-00
Patient Data ModuleMindray Co. LTD.CO2 Module (115-030767-00)
Patient LiftArjo Instrument AB Eslov SwedenSara 3000
Patient MonitorCriticare Systems Inc.506DNB
Patient MonitorPhilips Medical SystemsIntelliVue X3
Patient MonitorPhilips Medical SystemsMX450
Patient MonitorWelch AllynConnex spot monitor
Patient MonitorWelch AllynSPOT VITAL SIGNS (42NTB)
Patient Monitor –  ECG / NIBP / Printer / SPO2Edan Instruments Inc.iM60
Patient Monitor – Agent / ECG / NIBP / Printer / SPO2 / TempDatex-OhmedaCardiocap 5
Patient Monitor – CO2 / ECG / NIBP / Printer / SPO2 / TempMindray Co. LTD.Passport 8 (6104F-PA00001)
Patient Monitor – ECG / NIBP / SPO2  /  RespEdan Instruments Inc.IM60
Patient Monitor – ECG / NIBP / SPO2 / Temp / PrinterWelch Allyn62000 Series
Patient Monitor – NIBPWelch Allyn4200B
Patient Monitor – NIBP / Printer / SPO2Criticare Systems Inc.506DNP3
Patient Monitor – NIBP / Printer / SPO2Criticare Systems Inc.506N3
Patient Monitor – NIBP / Printer / SPO2Edan Instruments Inc.M3
Patient Monitor – NIBP / SPO2Welch Allyn42M0B
Patient Monitor – NIBP / SPO2Welch Allyn53N00
Patient Monitor – NIBP / SPO2Welch Allyn63NXXX
Patient Monitor – NIBP / SPO2Welch AllynSPOT 420 SERIES
Patient Monitor – NIBP / SPO2Welch AllynSpot Vital Signs
Patient Monitor – NIBP / SPO2 / TempHill-RomSpot Vital Signs 4400
Patient Monitor – NIBP / SPO2 / TempWelch Allyn42NTB
Patient Monitor – NIBP / SPO2 / TempWelch AllynConnex Spot Monitor
Patient Monitor – NIBP / SPO2 / TempWelch AllynSPOT 420 SERIES
Patient Monitor – SPO2Smiths Medical ASD INC.Spectro 2
Patient Warming BlanketArizant Healthcare Inc.875
Pressure MeterMiljoco-60mmHG to 60mmHg
Pulley SystemPulley SystemN/A
Pulley SystemSaba MedicalWall
Pulse OximeterAmerican Diagnostic Corp. (ADC)2100CN
Pulse OximeterBLTM700
Pulse OximeterCovidenPM10N
Pulse OximeterCovidienPM10N
Pulse OximeterN/AYP-1
Pulse OximeterNatureSpiritCMS-50D1
Pulse OximeterOxywatchMD300C63
Pulse OximeterRespironics Inc.GO2
Pulse OximeterSmiths Medical ASD INC.WW1000EN
Pulse Oximeter – SimulatorBC Biomedical Laboratories Ltd.MSP-2100
Pulse Oximeter – Simulator (Finger Probes)BC Biomedical Laboratories Ltd.FS-1000-RS
Recumbent BikeNuStep Inc.T5
Recumbent BikeSchwinn Bicycle Company270
Recumbent BikeSCIFITRST7000
Refrigerator (2 – 8°C)MarathonMAR86W
Refrigerator (-80°C)PanasonicMDF-U76VC-PA
Safety AnalyzerBC Biomedical Laboratories Ltd.SA-2005
Scale – AdultHealth O meter Professional500KL
Scale – AdultHealth-O-Meter160KL
Scale – AdultHealth-O-Meter450KL
Scale – AdultHealth-O-Meter500KL
Scale – AdultHealth-O-Meter880KL
Scale – ChairSOEHNLED03-09-013
Scale – ChairSOEHNLETCM 128/12 – 4961
Scale – SlingChatillon Force Measurement SystemsIN-12
Scale – SlingCrane ScaleOCS-L
Scale – Wheel ChairSeca679
Scavenging SystemS&P USA Ventilation System LLCTD-150
Sentimag ProbeEndomagnetics Ltd.N/A
Stethoscope3M HealthcareLittman Infant
Stethoscope3M HealthcareLittmanClassic II S.E.
Stethoscope3M HealthcareLittmanClassic III
StretcherTechlem Medical System Inc5000
StretcherTechlem Medical System Incn/a
StretcherWinco Mfg. LLC690
Suction UnitDeVilbiss Healthcare LLC7305P-D
Suction UnitLaerdal Medical As88006101
Suction UnitLaerdal Medical AsLCSU 4
Temperature MonitorAccu-TempWS757510CA
Temperature MonitorBerlinger & Co. AGFridge Tag 2L
Temperature MonitorBIOS Diagnostics-50 to +70
Temperature MonitorCoBex Recorders Inc.B6-XXX-CF-00-12Y0
Temperature MonitorFisher ScientificTraceable
Temperature MonitorInk BirdN/A
Temperature MonitorSpringfield PrecisionN/A
Temperature MonitorVWR61161-324
TENS UnitAMG Medical Inc715-420
TENS UnitBioMedical Life Systems Inc.BioMed 2000 XL
TENS UnitBioMedical Life Systems Inc.Impulse 3000T
TENS UnitComfy EMSEV-805
TENS UnitCompass Health BrandsTWIN STIM
TENS UnitEveryway Medical Instruments Co., LTDEV-806
TENS UnitITO Co., Ltd.ES-320
TENS UnitMedical ProductsCMP
Thermometer – InfraredBerrcom11-910JXB-178
Thermometer – InfraredHangzhou Sejoy ElectronicsDET-306
Thermometer – InfraredSafety 1stNT11
Thermometer – InfraredyuwellN/A
Thermometer – OralVicksV912CA
Thermometer – OralWelch AllynSureTemp Plus (690)
Thermometer – TympanicCovidenGenius 3
Thermometer – TympanicCovidienGenius 3
Thermometer Mount for CalibrationWelch Allyn678
Thermometer Mount for CalibrationWelch Allyn692
Traction MachineITO Co., Ltd.TM-400
TreadmillLife FitnessTR-9100HR
Treatment BedArmedica Manufacturing Corp.AM368
Treatment BedChattanooga Group3319
Treatment BedEveryway Medical Instruments Co., LTDEU25
Treatment BedMasoletN/A
Treatment BedMed OrthoN/A
Treatment BedMedelco IncEL2000
Treatment BedMedi Plinth LTD.11713-605
Treatment BedMedi Plinth LTD.81713-01-0000.X
Treatment BedMetron Medical Australia Pty Ltd.Aster – T7410
Treatment BedNor-Am Patient Care Products Ltd.Multi-Flex
Treatment BedSeers Medical LimitedST3566-115T-1WF
Treatment TableFoundationF3B2P
Treatment TableKor Innovations IncEL2000
Treatment TableMedi Plinth LTD.11713-605
Treatment TableMed-Ortho Design & Manufacturing Ltd27841
Treatment TableNor-Am Patient Care Products Ltd.MULTIFLEX MSC-41
Treatment TableOrtho CanadaST3566-115T-IWF
Treatment TableOrtho CanadaST3569-115T-1WF
Treatment TableWilliams Healthcare Systemszenith 440
Ultrasonic CleanerColtene/Whaledent Inc.BioSonic UC300
Ultrasonic Dental ScalerDentsply InternationalCavitron Plus (GEN 131)
Ultrasound Machine – TherapeuticBTL Industries IncBTL 4000 Smart
Ultrasound Machine – TherapeuticDynatronics CorporationD125
Ultrasound Machine – TherapeuticITO Co., Ltd.US-100
Ultrasound Machine – TherapeuticMetron Medical Australia Pty Ltd.AP170
Ultrasound Machine – TherapeuticRich-Mar CorporationAutosound 5.6
Ultrasound Machine – TherapeuticRich-Mar CorporationTherasound
Ultrasound Machine – TherapeuticRich-Mar CorporationTherasound 3.4
Ultrasound Machine – TherapeuticRich-Mar CorporationTherasound 3.5
Ultrasound Machine – TherapeuticRoscoe Medical, Inc.US PRO 2000 2nd Edition
Uroflow Calibration KitN/A500mL
Vacuum ApplicatorOmniVacOmnivac
Vacuum Pump SystemAir Techniques Inc.Mojave (MMC)
Vacuum RegulatorAMICO CorporationSRA-CH
Vacuum RegulatorAMICO CorporationSRA-CHID-DHC
Vacuum RegulatorWestern EnterprisesSR2304C
Vacuum RegulatorWestern EnterprisesSRA2104C
Vaporizer – SevofluraneDatex-OhmedaAladin 2 (1100-9032-000)
Vaporizer – SevofluraneDatex-OhmedaTEC 7
Volt MeterFluke116
Wall Diagnostic SystemWelch AllynGS 777 Wall Transformer
Waste Management SystemSolmeteXHG5
Waste Management SystemSolmeteXHg5-001
Wax BathThermal Electric CompanyPB-104