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Spotting A TRH Tech

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Spotting A TRH Tech

This blog entry will deal with how to spot a TRH tech and how do you know when we are going to be onsite.  To start a TRH tech will always be wearing a uniform.  On our uniform tops, they are standard charcoal grey with our TRH Services logo displayed on them.  Our uniforms are what we use to standardize our appearance while at your site, so that you can always recognize when we are there.

The next aspect which is being implemented starting January 1st is that all TRH employee will be wearing a Badge.  On our badge it will detail the biomedical technologists name, as well as their position at our company.

The next point to make is that we do not show up onsite to repair equipment unannounced.  Prior to us coming onsite to complete a repair or to complete preventative maintenance we will make arrangements with your facility.  This is to ensure that someone at your facility knows that we are coming onsite, and that your facility is aware of what we will be working on.  The next reason for this is to ensure that we have all of the proper permits in place that we need in order to complete the work.

Overall as you can see it is really easy to spot and identify a TRH Service tech when we are onsite.  If you are ever not sure if the tech is associated with our company, please feel free to give us a call at 519-893-9488 and we can then confirm the identification of our service tech at your site.


Written by: Tyler Hasenpflug CET