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Speech From The Ontario Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

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Good Evening, for those of you who do not know me, my name is Tyler Hasenpflug and I operate TRH Services, which is a division of Hasenpflug Holdings Inc..  I would like to extend my appreciation and thanks to Dr. Ian Furst for inviting us to this event, as I know events like this are important to.

Now let’s start with a bit of History on our company, Tim Hasenpflug started our company in 1996 in hopes of providing excellent biomedical services to the then growing Tri-cities area.  Throughout the years he continued to develop that high level of biomedical services, and along with that was able create a working relationship with several members within the medical community. Moving along he continued to grow the company across Ontario until 2016 which is when he retired; since then we have been able to grow our company into two distinct division which are Brandon Biomed and TRH Services.  Brandon Biomedical is another one of our division that we purchased in January 2018 which provides biomedical services to Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and BC; whereas, TRH Services now provides services to Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI, and Newfoundland and Labrador, as for the territories we do complete work for them too but just on a ship in basses as it is definitely not cost friendly to go onsite there.  With our two division we are now able to say that we complete service across Canada, which is an amazing accomplishment for our family run company.

What to expect
When working with our company you can expect excellent customer service.  The reason why we excel at our customer service expectations is that we carry forward our initial “humble beginnings” as we started as a small family run company.  While today we are still that same family run company, we are no longer small, but we have instilled in all our staff that customer satisfaction is number one.  Weather you are a small or a large company you can expect that same level of service from TRH Services when it comes to sales request, or when it comes to service requests.  Our friendly service forward technologist are always able to help you out with any questions that you might have, whether it is by e-mail or even when they are onsite.

At TRH Services we offer a wide range of services on medical equipment, ranging from Planned Preventative Maintenance programs to demand repairs, to emergency service calls.  What ever your need is we have a program that can be setup to meet it.  Most of our customers opt to have our planned preventative maintenance program; now once this program is setup we take on the responsibility to call your facility and to setup the maintenance program on a yearly basses to ensure you stay within your accreditation standard.  This preventative maintenance inspection meets all standards set fourth by the college, for your annual inspections.  During our yearly inspection program what we will do is enter in all your equipment into our electronic maintenance system and complete the testing on all of your units to the manufacturers specifications.  With this service we plan on replacing key components on your equipment as per the manufacturers recommendations which helps reduce the number of emergency service calls to your facility throughout the year.  Many our clients with this plan, find that they only occasionally need a service call throughout the year, and typically that service call is attribute to miss/use or abused by staff at the facility, which unfortunately we cannot help with.

What we can help with is in-service training on your equipment which is some cases can help reduce that abuse / miss-use on the equipment.  The in-service training programs that we offer can easily be coupled with our preventative maintenance program; which means while we are onsite completing your annual inspection we can spend some extra time, if requested, training staff on the proper use of your equipment.  Our in-service training program would cover things like, proper storage of the unit, proper storage of the accessories, how to setup the unit, how to configure the alarms and parameters to ensure that everything meets with the college standards.

Demand Maintenance
The next maintenance program that we offer is demand maintenance.  This program is setup to repair equipment that fails during the year, and can be broken into to categories, emergency service, and regular demand maintenance.  Demand maintenance for our industry would, typically cover un-expected repairs, and based on the repairs required can then be further classified as an emergency repairs.  For our emergency repair services, we can typically be onsite the same day or next day depending on your location, and your need.  With any demand service that we offer we typically have rental equipment that can be made available to you if you require the equipment to be up and running right away.  Our rental equipment coverage does cover a wide range of equipment spanning from autoclaves, to electrosurgery units, to fully operational patient monitors.  These units that we offer for rent are available to you to ensure that we help minimize your down time, to ensure the least possible distribution to your patients.

As for the sales section of our company, since we started in service we have carried that same service forward approach to sales.  In this case we do not partner with every manufacturer that carries equipment, as we tend to be more select to ensure that we are carrying equipment that tends to be more reliable, and more cost effective to maintain.  With that said since 2016 we have been putting a push to partner with key manufacturers which is why we now carry brands like Welch Allyn, Mindray North America, Edan, Tuttnauer, and Midmark to name a few.  One of the most popular units that we sell today would be from Mindray and is the Accutorr series of monitors, specifically the Accutorr 7.  We love this unit because it is easy to use, has everything required for nitrous sedations like SPO2/NIBP/Printer and now can come with a en-tidal CO2 module.  The next most popular model that we carry is more or less tied between the passport 8 and 12 which are similar to each other as they both are perfect for sedations in Ontario, as both units can come with CO2 modules, ECG, SPO2, NIBP, Printer; the biggest difference between the two units is that the passport 12 can come equipped with a air ways gas module, which make it perfect when coupled with a gas machine.

With partnering with Mindray North America, it has allowed us to provide a cost friendly high quality Anesthetic gas machine that is well suited for the dental market here in Canada.  The anesthetic gas machine that we offer from Mindray is the A5, which is a state of the art unit which comes with many different ventilation modes, it can be easily adapted to any Ohmeda based vaporizer that come with the quick connect system and carries a small footprint with an easy to use interface.  This system is compact when compared to the old GE / Drager units, is easy to use, and has one of the quickest self testing systems on the market today. This system can be coupled with the Passport 12 units which can have the option to have a full multi-gas module attached to it, which not only looks good, but is able to meet all the standards set forth by the college for sedation in Ontario.

In conclusion I hope that going forward you choose TRH Services for all your service and sales needs, since we offer great customer service as we think of our team as part of our family which allows them to carry out personable, caring, and attentive customer service, that is second to none.  At TRH Services we offer a great preventative maintenance program to care for your equipment, which meets and exceeds all standards set forth by the manufacturer, and our sale team not only knows the equipment inside and out since they are all train biomedical technologist.  Thanks again for having us and have a great evening.