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September Update

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Hello TRH Services Customers!

September was a busy month for us at TRH Services.  We worked on several different failures this month. Still, some of the hardest repairs that were completed by our team were on telemetry systems, and they can sometimes be one of the harder items to troubleshoot.

Partial List of Equipment We Tested

Summary of Equipment we worked on in September
Air MattressJoerns Healthcare Inc.Arise LAL
Air Mattress SystemSpan America6500
Air Mattress SystemSpan America8400SC
Air Mattress SystemSpan America8410
Anesthetic Gas MachineDatex-OhmedaAestiva 5 7900 CON (1006-9305-000)
Anesthetic Gas MachineDatex-OhmedaAisys CS2 (1011-9050-000)
Anesthetic Gas MachineDatex-OhmedaS/5 Aespire (1009-9012-000)
Anesthetic Gas MachineGE Medical Systems Information Technologies Inc.CS2
Anesthetic Gas MachineMindray Co. LTD.A5
Anesthetic Gas Machine – Airway Gas ModuleGE Medical Systems Information Technologies Inc.E-sCAiOE-00
Arm ErgometerHCI FitnessPhysio Trainer
AutoclaveMidmark CorporationM11
AutoclaveMidmark CorporationM11-020
AutoclaveMidmark CorporationM11-022
AutoclaveMidmark CorporationM11-Ultraclave
AutoclaveMidmark CorporationM9-022
Blanket WarmerEnthermics Medical SystemsDC250
Blood Pressure UnitOmron Healthcare Co., Ltd.HEM-907XL
Blood Pressure UnitWelch AllynPocket
Blood Pressure UnitWelch AllynWall Mount
Blood Glucose MeterContour OneNext 7819
Blood Glucose MeterLifescan Inc.OneTouch Ultra 2
Blood Pressure UnitADCSphygmomanometer
Blood Pressure UnitAmerican Diagnostic Corp. (ADC)Pressostabil
Blood Pressure UnitAMICO CorporationWall Mount
Blood Pressure UnitHeine GermanyGamma G7
Blood Pressure UnitHeine GermanyWall
Blood Pressure UnitMedline industries Inc.MDS4001Plus
Blood Pressure UnitOmron Healthcare Co., Ltd.BP5250
Blood Pressure UnitOmron Healthcare Co., Ltd.BP769CAN
Blood Pressure UnitOmron Healthcare Co., Ltd.HEM-907XL
Blood Pressure UnitTyco Healthcare Group LPFloor Model
Blood Pressure UnitTyco Healthcare Group LPHand Held
Blood Pressure UnitWelch Allyn3400 (ProBP 3400 series)
Blood Pressure UnitWelch AllynFloor Model
Blood Pressure UnitWelch AllynHand Held
Blood Pressure UnitWelch AllynN/A
Blood Pressure UnitWelch AllynTYCOS
Blood Pressure unitWelch AllynTycos series
Building MaintenanceN/AN/A
CentrifugeClay AdamsTriac
CentrifugeDrucker Diagnostics614B
CentrifugeVWR International97011-432
Compression SystemChattanooga GroupPression Mod4331
DefibrillatorMedtronicLifePak 20
DefibrillatorPhilips HealthcareHeartstart MRx
DefibrillatorZoll Medical CorporationAED Plus
Defibrillator – AEDDefibtech LLCLifeline AED
Defibrillator – AEDMedtronicLifepak CR Plus
Defibrillator – AEDZoll Medical CorporationAED 3
Dental Drill Control UnitConmed Health Care GroupPowerpro Controller (PRO2000)
Dental Drill Control UnitPelton & Crane Co.CRT15
DopplerCareFusion CorpElite 200
DopplerHuntleigh Healthcare Ltd.,FD1
DopplerNicolet Vascular Inc.Elite
Doppler – FetalEdan Instruments Inc.Sonotrax Basic
Doppler – FetalHuntleigh Healthcare Ltd.,FD1
Doppler – FetalSummit Doppler SystemsL150
Doppler – FetalSummit Doppler SystemsL250
DynamometerChatillon Force Measurement SystemsDFE-11
DynamometerLafayette Instrument Company01160
ElectrocardiographGE Medical Systems Information Technologies Inc.PDM
ElectrocardiographWelch AllynCP150
ElectrocardiographWelch AllynELI 380
Electrosurgery UnitValleylabForce FX
Flow Meter – OxygenAMICO CorporationFMO-15I-DH
Flow Meter – OxygenAmvex Corporation50PSI O2 Regulator
Flow Meter – OxygenMedlineHCS8715M
Flow Meter – OxygenMeretAREG8715ME-BU
Flow Meter – OxygenPrecision Medical168715D
Gas Regulator – OxygenCramer Decker Medical, Inc.AREG8715ME
Height Measuring SystemSeca GmbH216
Height Measuring SystemStadiometerStadiometer
Hospital BedJoerns Healthcare LLCB300BED
Hospital BedJoerns Healthcare LLCB330SCAL
Hospital BedJoerns Healthcare LLCECSBED
Hospital BedSpan AmericaAdvantage (QD1000MLF)
Hospital BedSpan AmericaEncore (MC9RWZ)
HydrocollatorChattanooga Group2102
HydrocollatorChattanooga Group2402
HydrocollatorChattanooga Group2802
HydrocollatorChattanooga GroupM-2
Infusion PumpBaxter Healthcare CorporationNovumIQ
Infusion Pump – FeedingKendall™ePump
Infusion Pump – GeneralAlaris Medical Systems8100DXEN91177
Infusion Pump – GeneralHeska CorporationVet/IV 2.2 IPX1
Infusion Pump – GeneralLeading EdgeV 935i
Infusion Pump – Mobile Systems ManagerAlaris Medical Systems8015
Interferential / Ultrasound UnitChattanooga Group2738
Interferential / Ultrasound UnitChattanooga Group2760
Interferential / Ultrasound UnitChattanooga Group2762CC
Interferential / Ultrasound UnitChattanooga GroupCOMBO #2778
Interferential / Ultrasound UnitDynatronics CorporationD850 Plus
Interferential / Ultrasound UnitDynatronics CorporationD950 Plus
Interferential / Ultrasound UnitITO Co., Ltd.EU-941
Interferential / VacuumITO Co., Ltd.SU-520
Interferential UnitExcel Tech Ltd.MU-3
Interferential UnitITO Co., Ltd.ES-5200
Interferential UnitITO Co., Ltd.ES-5400
Interferential UnitMettler Electronics CorporationSys Stim 294
Interferential UnitRoscoe Medical, Inc.Quattro 2.5
Interferential Unit / VacuumMetron Medical Australia Pty Ltd.VECTOR PULSE #VP270
LaryngoscopeCross Canada71900
LaserChattanooga Group2784
LaserMulti Radiance MedicalMR4
Lead ApronUltrarayUltraXTlite
Medical Gas System – AlarmAMICO CorporationALERT 3
Mobile CartHumanScaleTouchPointT7
Neuromuscular StimulatorBiomedical Design Instruments, Inc.Biostim INF
Neuromuscular StimulatorCefar Medical ABREHAB X2
Neuromuscular StimulatorEveryway Medical Instruments Co., LTDEMS 7500
Neuromuscular StimulatorITO Co., Ltd.ES-130
Neuromuscular StimulatorVerity Medical LtdECS 401
Nitrous Gas Delivery SystemAccutron Inc.Digital Ultra
Nitrous Gas Delivery SystemMatrx Medical IncMDM
Nitrous Gas Delivery SystemMDS MatrxMDM
Nitrous Gas Delivery SystemParker Hannifin Corporation94500150
Ophthalmoscope / OtoscopeADC51XX
Ophthalmoscope / OtoscopeHeine GermanyMini 2000
Ophthalmoscope / OtoscopeHeine Germanymini 3000
Ophthalmoscope / OtoscopeWelch Allyn128+Series
Ophthalmoscope / OtoscopeWelch Allyn25020
Ophthalmoscope / OtoscopeWelch Allyn25050
Ophthalmoscope / OtoscopeWelch Allyn71050
Ophthalmoscope / OtoscopeWelch Allyn767
Ophthalmoscope / OtoscopeWelch AllynN/A
Ophthalmoscope / OtoscopeWelch AllynPOCKET SET
Parallel BarsMidland Manufacturing Company LTD1412EL
Patient Data ModuleMindray Co. LTD.115-030779-00
Patient Data ModuleMindray Co. LTD.115-030784-00
Patient MonitorDatex Instruments Corp.Cardiocap 5
Patient MonitorEdanM3
Patient MonitorEdan Instruments Inc.M3
Patient MonitorMindray Co. LTD.Accutorr 3 (6102F-PA00032)
Patient MonitorMindray Co. LTD.Passort 8
Patient MonitorMindray Co. LTD.Passport 12 (6105F-PA00032)
Patient MonitorPhilips Medical SystemsMX40 – 2B4
Patient MonitorWelch Allyn42NTB
Patient MonitorWelch Allyn6000 Series
Patient MonitorWelch Allyn901058(Connex Spot Monitor)
Patient MonitorWelch Allyn910158(Connex Spot Monitor)
Patient MonitorWelch AllynConnex spot monitor
Patient MonitorWelch AllynSPOT VITAL SIGNS (42NTB)
Patient Monitor – CO2 / ECG / NIBP / Printer / SPO2 / TempDatex-OhmedaCardiocap 5 (F-CM1-04)
Patient Monitor – CO2 / ECG / NIBP / Printer / SPO2 / TempMindray Co. LTD.Passport 8 (6104F-PA00001)
Patient Monitor – CO2 / ECG / NIBP / SPO2 / RESPDatex-OhmedaCardiocap 5
Patient Monitor – EEGAspect Medical Systems Inc.Vista
Patient Monitor – NIBPWelch Allyn420 Series
Patient Monitor – NIBPWelch AllynPro BP 3400 Series
Patient Monitor – NIBPWelch AllynSPOT 4200B
Patient Monitor – NIBP / Printer / SPO2Criticare Systems Inc.506DNP3
Patient Monitor – NIBP / Printer / SPO2Criticare Systems Inc.506N3
Patient Monitor – NIBP / Printer / SPO2Edan Instruments Inc.M3
Patient Monitor – NIBP / SPO2Edan Instruments Inc.M3
Patient Monitor – NIBP / SPO2 / TempHill-RomSpot Vital Signs 4400
Patient Monitor – NIBP / SPO2 / TempWelch Allyn42NTB
Patient Monitor – NIBP / SPO2 / TempWelch AllynConnex Spot Monitor
Patient Monitor – NIBP / SPO2 / Temp / PrinterCriticare Systems Inc.506DXNT
Pulley SystemAthena Manufacturing & Design Inc.Pulley System
Pulley SystemAthena Manufacturing & Design Inc.Wall
Pulse OximeterCovidienPM10N
Pulse OximeterEdan Instruments Inc.H100B
Pulse OximeterNellcor Puritan BennettN-65
Pulse OximeterNellcor Puritan BennettNPB-40
Pulse OximeterO-Two Medical Technologies IncOIMN1000
Pulse OximeterSmiths Medical ASD INC.WW1000EN
Recumbent BikeMonark828E
Recumbent BikeNuStep Inc.TRS4000
Refrigerator (2 – 8°C)PanasonicMPR-514-PA
Room Air SupplyTRH ServicesN/A
Scale – AdultHealth O meter Professional402KL
Scale – AdultHealth O meter Professional450KL
Scale – AdultHealth O meter Professional499KL
Scale – AdultHealth O meter Professional500KL
Scale – AdultHealth-O-Meter160KL
Scale – AdultHealth-O-Meter402KL
Scale – AdultHealth-O-Meter408DIG
Scale – AdultHealth-O-Meter450KL
Scale – AdultHealth-O-Meter500KL
Scale – AdultHealth-O-Meter524KL
Scale – AdultHealth-O-Meter597KL
Scale – AdultHealth-O-Meter880KL
Scale – AdultOzeriZB19
Scale – AdultSeca GmbH7691321994
Scale – DiaperNewell RubbermaidDYMO M3
Scale – DiaperSecaB Scale LDRP
Scale – DiaperStarfrit93765
Scale – InfantCardinal Scale Manufacturing Co6735
Scale – InfantDetecto6735
Scale – InfantHealth O meter Professional524KL
Scale – InfantHealth O meter Professional553KL
Scale – SlingChatillon Force Measurement SystemsIN-12
Scale – SlingChatillon Force Measurement SystemsIN-I2
Scale – Wheel ChairHealth-O-Meter2600KL
Shockwave TherapyChattanooga Group2073
Shockwave TherapyZimmer MedizinSysteme GmbhenPlus Version 2.0
Stethoscope3M Healthcare3M Cardiology III
Stethoscope3M Healthcare3M Clasic II SE
Stethoscope3M Healthcare3M Clasic III
Stethoscope3M HealthcareLittmann Infant
StethoscopeAmerican Diagnostic Corp. (ADC)603 (ADSCOPE)
StethoscopeAmerican Diagnostic Corp. (ADC)605 (ADSCOPE)
Suction UnitAllied Healthcare Products Inc.3040
Suction UnitDeVilbiss Healthcare LLC7305P-D
Suction UnitGomco3040
Suction UnitLaerdal Medical As88006101
Suction UnitLaerdal Medical AsLCSU 4
Suction UnitSchuco IncS430A
Temperature MonitorCompu-Temp Air Designs LtdComputemp 5
Temperature MonitorControl Company94460-92
Temperature MonitorFDITFDIT0UIXWPGD7Z
Temperature MonitorFisher ScientificTraceable
Temperature MonitorPharmacoldS-80
Temperature MonitorVWRTraceable
Temperature MonitorVWR International21800-076
Temperature MonitorWelch Allyn690 ThermomEter
TENS UnitAMG Medical IncTensPlus
TENS UnitCefar Medical ABRehab X2
TENS UnitChattanooga GroupINTELECT TENS
TENS UnitEveryway FoundationEV-804
TENS UnitIntensityTWIN STIM 3
TENS UnitITO Co., Ltd.ES-130
TENS UnitMayfair Medical Supplies LTD.Pointer Plus
TENS UnitPhysio2GoN601
TENS UnitStimTecStimTec NEO
TENS UnitThe Vitality DepotStimTec+
ThermometerKaz Canada Inc.V966CA
ThermometerWelch Allyn690
ThermometerWelch AllynSure Temp
Thermometer – InfraredBrooklands IncorporatedVeraTemp
Thermometer – InfraredHetaida Technology Co.,LtdHTD8813C
Thermometer – InfraredMedSource International LLCHTD8813C
Thermometer – OralCovidenSMF0812-002
Thermometer – OralKaz Canada Inc.V912CA
Thermometer – OralLife Brand1550
Thermometer – OralMedline industries Inc.MDS9950
Thermometer – TympanicBraun KronbergPRO 4000
Thermometer – TympanicWelch AllynBraun Thermoscan Pro 6000
Traction MachineChattanooga GroupTX 4759
Traction TableChattanooga GroupTRE-24
TreadmillSportsArt FitnessT652M
Treatment BedBHM Medical Inc.81713-51-0000.X
Treatment BedBrookdale Medical Specialties11713-605
Treatment BedCardon Rehabilition and Medical Equipment LTD.1227267
Treatment BedCardon Rehabilition and Medical Equipment LTD.CTT
Treatment BedChattanooga Group3319
Treatment BedChattanooga Group3320
Treatment BedChattanooga Group3531
Treatment BedChattanooga GroupMONTANE
Treatment BedJupiterN/A
Treatment BedLinak1227267
Treatment BedMed-Ortho Design & Manufacturing Ltd28535
Treatment BedMidmark Corporation204-011
Treatment BedNor-Am Patient Care Products Ltd.4192-2E
Treatment BedOmniplinth (Medelco)EL2003 MED
Treatment BedPatterson MedicalT8718WFHT9009DG
Treatment BedSeers Medical LimitedST3566-115T-1WF
Treatment BedSeers Medical LimitedST3566-TMO-1WF
Treatment BedZenS01670-ESF5S30
Treatment TableCardon Rehabilition and Medical Equipment LTD.mpt
Treatment TableChattanooga GroupMONTANE #3521
Treatment TableChattanooga GroupREGION 3330
Treatment TableChattanooga GroupTRE-DH3
Treatment TableChattanooga GroupTRT-500
Treatment TableElite ManufacturingFlex-3 Elev
Treatment TableMed OrthoR27110
Treatment TableMedi Plinth LTD.11713-600
Treatment TableMedi Plinth LTD.11713-605
Treatment TableMetron Medical Australia Pty Ltd.EURO ASTER #T8410
Treatment TableMetron Medical Australia Pty Ltd.EURO ASTER T8410
Treatment TableMidmark Corporation204-012
Treatment TableMidmark Corporation222-016
Treatment TableMidmark Corporation630-008
Treatment TableSeers Medical LimitedST3566-115T-1WF
Ultrasonic CleanerMidmark CorporationMM150
Ultrasound Machine – TherapeuticBTL Industries IncBTL-4000 Smart
Ultrasound Machine – TherapeuticChattanooga Group2776
Ultrasound Machine – TherapeuticChattanooga GroupLEGEND US
Ultrasound Machine – TherapeuticITO Co., Ltd.US-751
Ultrasound Machine – TherapeuticMetron Medical Australia Pty Ltd.ACCUSONIC PLUS
Ultrasound Machine – TherapeuticMettler Electronics CorporationSonicator 740
Vacuum RegulatorAMICO CorporationSRA-CHID-DH
Vaporizer – IsofluraneMindray Co. LTD.V60 (115-025535-00)
Vaporizer – SevofluraneDatex-OhmedaAladin 2 (1100-9032-000)
Vaporizer – SevofluraneDatex-OhmedaTEC 7
Vaporizer – SevofluraneMindray Co. LTD.V60 (115-025532-00)
VentilatorPhilipsTrilogy EVO 300
Water Filter with Shut-offAir Techniques Inc.53150
Wax BathThermal Electric CompanyPB-104
Wax BathWhitehall Manufacturing IncPB-104
Wax BathWR Medical Electronics Co.Therabath