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Hello TRH Services Customers!

October was a busy month, with our CanadianThanksgiving and Halloween.  Along with those special events we worked on several different failures this month. Still, some of the hardest repairs that were completed by our team were on Anesthetic Gas Machines, as they can present so errors, especially with the pressure relief valves.


Here is a partial list of equipment we tested in October!

Description Manufacturer
Model Number
Anesthetic Gas MachineGE Medical Systems Information Technologies Inc.CS2
ASPIRATORPhilips HealthcareCough Assist E70
AutoclaveMidmark CorporationM11-020
AutoclaveMidmark CorporationM11-022
AutoclavePelton & Crane Co.DELTA XL
Bladder ScannerInterson CorporationN/A
Bladder ScannerVerathon Inc.BVI3000
Bladder ScannerVerathon Inc.Prime Plus
Blood  Pressure UnitPhysio logicManual
Blood  Pressure UnitWelch AllynManual
Blood  Pressure UnitWelch AllynproBP 3400
Blood Glucose MeterAccu-Chek®Aviva Nano
Blood Pressure UnitAlmedicHand Held
Blood Pressure UnitAmerican Diagnostic Corp. (ADC)N/A
Blood Pressure UnitBIOS DiagnosticsBD201
Blood Pressure UnitBpTRU Medical DevicesBPM-100
Blood Pressure UnitMDF InstrumentsWall Mounted
Blood Pressure UnitMedline industries Inc.MDS4001Plus
Blood Pressure UnitN/AN/A
Blood Pressure UnitOmron Healthcare Co., Ltd.HEM-907XL
Blood Pressure UnitOmron Healthcare Inc.BP750CAN
Blood Pressure UnitTyco Healthcare Group LPHand Held
Blood Pressure UnitTyco Healthcare Group LPWall
Blood Pressure UnitWelch AllynProBP 3400 Series
Blood Pressure UnitWelch AllynWall Mounted
Building MaintenanceN/AN/A
Computer – ServerPhilips Medical SystemsIntellivue PIICiX
DefibrillatorMedtronicLifePak 20
DefibrillatorPhysio-Control IncLifepak 20
DefibrillatorZoll Medical CorporationAED Plus
DefibrillatorZoll Medical CorporationR Series ALS
DefibrillatorZoll Medical CorporationX Series
Dental Chair / LampDexta CorporationMK9X/330E-10
Doppler – VascularNatus Medical Incorporated200R
DynamometerB&L EngineeringPG-30
ElectrocardiographBurdick CorporationELI 280
ElectrocardiographPhilips Healthcare860315
Electrosurgery UnitERBE Elektromedizin TubingenVIO 300 D
Infusion Pump – Enteral FeedCovidienKangaroo ePump
Infusion Pump – FeedingCovidienePump
Infusion Pump – FeedingKendall™ePump
Infusion Pump – GeneralBaxter Healthcare CorporationColleague CXE
Infusion Pump – GeneralQ Core Medical LTD15031-000-001
Infusion Pump – GeneralQ Core Medical LTD15032-000-001
Infusion Pump – Mobile Systems ManagerAlaris Medical Systems8015
Interferential / Ultrasound UnitRoscoe Medical, Inc.Combo Care
Laser ProbeMedx Electronics Inc.MCT502
Light SourceFujifilm CorpartionEP6000
Medication WorkstationCapsa SolutionsMX40
Mobile CartHumanScaleTouchPointT7
Monitor – ComputerGE Medical Systems Information Technologies Inc.MAI700
Monitor – VideoGE Medical Systems Information Technologies Inc.B650
Neuromuscular StimulatorBioMedical Life Systems Inc.EMS 2000
Neuromuscular StimulatorBioMedical Life Systems Inc.Impulse 3000
Neuromuscular StimulatorDolphin  NeurostimN/A
Nitrous Gas Delivery SystemAccutron Inc.ULTRA PC
Nitrous Gas Delivery SystemMDS MatrxMDM
Nitrous Gas Delivery SystemParker Hannifin CorporationDigital MDM
Ophthalmoscope / OtoscopeWelch Allyn7114X
Ophthalmoscope / OtoscopeWelch AllynCompliant YEAR 2000
Ophthalmoscope / OtoscopeWelch AllynGS777
Oxygen ConcentratorInvacare CorporationPerfecto 2
Patient MonitorEdanM3
Patient MonitorEdanM3A
Patient MonitorPhilips Medical SystemsMX40 – 2B4
Patient MonitorPhilips Medical SystemsMX450
Patient MonitorWelch Allyn42NTB
Patient MonitorWelch Allyn53NTO
Patient MonitorWelch Allyn64NTPX
Patient MonitorWelch Allyn74CT
Patient MonitorWelch Allyn901058(Connex Spot Monitor)
Patient MonitorWelch Allyn910158(Connex Spot Monitor)
Patient MonitorWelch AllynSPOT O2
Patient Monitor – CO2 / ECG / NIBP / Printer / SPO2 / TempMindray Co. LTD.Passport 8 (6104F-PA00001)
Patient Monitor – ECG / NIBP / SPO2 / Temp / PrinterWelch Allyn62000 Series
Patient Monitor – NIBP / SPO2Edan Instruments Inc.M3
Patient Monitor – NIBP / SPO2Welch Allyn53N00
Patient Monitor – NIBP / SPO2Welch Allyn63NXXX
Patient Monitor – NIBP / SPO2Welch AllynSpot Vital Signs
Patient Monitor – NIBP / SPO2 / PrinterShenzhen Mindray Bio-Medical Electronics Co., LTD.VS-800
Patient Monitor – NIBP / SPO2 / TempHill-RomSpot Vital Signs 4400
Patient Monitor – NIBP / SPO2 / TempWelch Allyn Vital Signs 4400
Patient Monitor – NIBP / SPO2 / TempWelch Allyn42NTB
Patient Monitor – NIBP / SPO2 / TempWelch Allyn901058 (Connex Spot Monitor)
Patient Monitor – NIBP / SPO2 / TempWelch Allyn901058(Connex Spot Monitor)
Patient Monitor – NIBP / SPO2 / TempWelch Allynconnex Vital Signs
Patient Monitor – NIBP / SPO2 / TempWelch AllynSpot Vital Signs
Patient Monitor – NIBP / SPO2 / TempWelch AllynSpot Vital Signs 4400
Patient Monitor – NIBP / SPO2 / TempWelch AllynVSM 6000 Series
ProtractorAcu Angle2-D Functions
Pulley SystemAthena Manufacturing & Design Inc.Wall
Pulley SystemSaba MedicalN/A
Pulley SystemScandinavian MobilitySingle pully
Pulse OximeterContec Medical Systems Co. Ltd.CMS50DL
Pulse OximeterEdan Instruments Inc.H100B
Scale – AdultHealth-O-Meter160KL
Scale – AdultHealth-O-Meter402KL
Scale – AdultHealth-O-Meter450KL
Scale – AdultHealth-O-Meter500KL
Scale – AdultHealth-O-Meter597KL
Scale – PediatricHealth-O-Meter553KL
Stethoscope3M Healthcare3M Littmann Classic III
StethoscopeTyco Healthcare Group LPn/a
Suction UnitContemporary Products Inc.6260
Suction UnitDeVilbiss Healthcare LLC7305P-D
Suction UnitDirve MedicalHeavy Duty Suction Machine
Suction UnitDrive MedicalHeavy Duty Suction Machine
Suction UnitInvacare CorporationIRC1135
Suction UnitLaerdal Medical AsLCSU3
Suction UnitSchuco IncS330A
TENS UnitBioMedical Life Systems Inc.2000 XL
ThermometerBraun KronbergTHERMOSCAN
Thermometer – OralWelch Allyn690
Thermometer – OralWelch Allyn692
Thermometer – TympanicCovidenGenius 3
Treatment BedAkron Therapy Products2232B
Treatment BedBrewer CompanyElement
Treatment BedCardon Rehabilition and Medical Equipment LTD.CTL
Treatment BedCardon Rehabilition and Medical Equipment LTD.CTT
Treatment BedCardon Rehabilition and Medical Equipment LTD.R27627
Treatment BedChattanooga GroupADP-300
Treatment BedMedi Plinth LTD.11713-605
Treatment BedMedi Plinth LTD.81713-51-0000X
Treatment BedMetron Medical Australia Pty Ltd.T8716NT9009
Treatment BedSeers Medical LimitedST3566-TMO01WF
Treatment ChairMidmark Corporation626
Treatment TableLesarnL-500
Treatment TableWilliams Healthcare Systems440
Ultrasound Machine – TherapeuticBTL Industries IncBTL 4000 Smart
Ultrasound Machine – TherapeuticChattanooga Group2782
Vacuum Pump SystemAir Techniques Inc.Mojave (MMC)
VentilatorPhilips Medical SystemsTrilogy EVO 300
Waste Management SystemSolmeteXHG5
Water BathWhitehall Manufacturing IncSP-1502
Weight Lifting EquipmentCybex FitnessLeg press