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Expiration Dates for PM Documents and PM Labels

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Expiration Dates for PM Documents and PM Labels


This document explains all information related to the expiry dates on our preventative maintenance labels, and our preventative maintenance reports.


Preventative Maintenance Documents

All preventative maintenance documents are good for one year before they expire, unless otherwise stated within the preventative maintenance document.  The date in which the document is active is the date that the preventative maintenance program was completed for the customer.


Preventative Maintenance Labels

All preventative maintenance labels are for testing and reminder purposes only and serve only as an indication when the equipment needs to be re-inspected.  The information that is valid, is the information that appears in the preventative maintenance report.  The labels intention is to serve as a reminder of when the equipment in question is due to be re-tested.  The label with the most current date supersedes any other label on the unit, including labels from the manufacture or our competitors.


Preventative Maintenance Inspection

All preventative maintenance programs come with a default expiry date of one year from the last time

we were onsite to complete the inspection, unless stated otherwise in the report. The date in which the

inspection is due is plus or minus fifteen days from the last time the equipment was inspected. This

inspection tolerance complies with the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario, the Ontario Dental

Association (ODA), the Ontario Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (OSOMS), and with the

Canadian Council for Health Facilities Accreditation guidelines to name a few.



All the documentation process’s that are used at TRH Services comply with all current standards from

both the manufactures of the equipment, and the accreditation boards here in Canada. If you have any

questions or concerns regarding the documentation methods used at TRH Services, please send us a

request for more information.