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August – Update

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Hello TRH Services Customers!

August was a busy month for us at TRH Services.  We worked on several different failures this month. Still, some of the hardest repairs that were completed by our team were on anesthesia delivery systems, and they can sometimes be one of the harder items to troubleshoot.

Equipment We Tested

Partial List of Equipment Tested in August – 2022
DescriptionManufacturer (Make)Model Number (model)
Air MattressJoerns Healthcare Inc.Arise LAL
Air MattressJoerns Healthcare Inc.ES2
Air Mattress SystemSpan America8400SC
Air Mattress SystemSpan America8410
Anesthetic Gas MachineDatex-OhmedaAestiva 5 7900 CON (1006-9305-000)
Anesthetic Gas MachineDatex-OhmedaAisys CS2 (1011-9050-000)
Anesthetic Gas MachineGE Medical Systems Information Technologies Inc.CS2
AutoclaveMidmark CorporationM11
AutoclaveMidmark CorporationM11-020
AutoclaveMidmark CorporationM11-042
AutoclaveMidmark CorporationM9
AutoclaveMidmark CorporationM9-022
BiofeedbackChattanooga GroupStabilizer
Blood Pressure UnitWelch AllynWall Mount
Blood Pressure UnitA&D Engineering Inc.UA-767FAM
Blood Pressure UnitA&D Engineering Inc.UA-787
Blood Pressure UnitAlmedicSphygmomanometer
Blood Pressure UnitBpTRU Medical DevicesBMP-200
Blood Pressure UnitNova Biomedical UKSphygmomanometer
Blood Pressure UnitOmron Healthcare Inc.HEM-907XL
Blood Pressure UnitPrestige MedicalSphygmomanometer
Blood Pressure UnitTyco Healthcare Group LPFloor Model
Blood Pressure UnitTyco Healthcare Group LPHand Held
Blood Pressure UnitTycosHand
Blood Pressure UnitWelch Allyn1500 (ProBP 1500 series )
Blood Pressure UnitWelch AllynPRO / BP 2400
Blood Pressure UnitWelch AllynProBP 2400
Blood Pressure UnitWelch AllynProBP 3400 Series
Blood Pressure UnitWelch AllynTycos
Blood Pressure UnitWelch AllynWall Mount
Blood Pressure UnitWelch AllynWall Mounted
Building MaintenanceN/AN/A
CentrifugeDrucker Diagnostics614L
Chiropractic TableElite ManufacturingEA-3
DefibrillatorZoll Medical CorporationAED Plus
DefibrillatorZoll Medical CorporationM Series
DefibrillatorZoll Medical CorporationR Series ALS
Defibrillator – AEDPhilips HealthcareHeartStart FRX
Defibrillator – AEDPhilips Medical SystemsHeartstart Home Defibrillator
Defibrillator – AEDZoll Medical CorporationAED Plus
Dental ChairDexta CorporationMK25X/604/14
Dental Chair / LampDexta CorporationMK9X/330E-10
Dental Drill Control UnitForestN/A
Dental Drill Control UnitLinvatec CorpPower Pro 2000
Dental Drill Control UnitLinvatec CorpPowerpro Controller
Dental Drill Control UnitNakanishi Inc.Straumann Surgical Motor Pro
Dental Drill Control UnitW&H Dentalwerk Bürmoos GmbHSI-95 115
DopplerCareFusion CorpElite 200
Doppler – FetalSummit Doppler SystemsLifedop L250
DynamometerB & L EngineeringPG-60
Electrical Outlet InspectionN/AN/A
ElectrocardiographWelch AllynCP150
Electrocardiograph – HolterGlobal instrumentationM12R
Electronic Endodontic SystemDentsply InternationalAEU-27T
Electrosurgery UnitColtene/Whaledent Inc.Perfect TCSIII
Electrosurgery UnitValleylabForce 2-20PC
Exam LightMaquetLCA 100
Exercise BikeTrue Fitness Technologies Inc.N/A
Flow Meter – OxygenAMICO CorporationFMO-15I-DH
Flow Meter – OxygenCramer Decker Medical, Inc.AREG8715ME
Flow Meter – OxygenInovo Inc.CGA 870 50 PSI
Flow Meter – OxygenPrecision MedicalN/A
Flow Meter – OxygenWestern EnterprisesM1-870-15FG
Flow Meter – OxygenWestern EnterprisesOPA-820
Flow Meter – OxygenWestern/Scott Fetzer co.OPA-820
Gas Regulator – NitrogenWestern EnterprisesN/A
Gas Regulator – Nitrous OxideHarris Products Group702050326D
Gas Regulator – Nitrous OxidePorter Instruments Co.N/A
Gas Regulator – OxygenHarris Products Group702050540D
Gas Regulator – OxygenPorter Instruments Co.N/A
Heat SourceDysonHot & Cool
Hospital BedJoerns Healthcare LLCB300BED
Hospital BedJoerns Healthcare LLCB330SCAL
Hospital BedJoerns Healthcare LLCECCBED
Hospital BedJoerns Healthcare LLCECSBED
Hospital BedJoerns Healthcare LLCN/A
Hospital BedHill-RomP117OG
Hospital BedSpan AmericaAdvantage (QD1000MLF)
Hospital BedSpan AmericaEncore (MC9RWZ)
Hospital BedStryker CorporationFL28C
HydrocollatorChattanooga Group2102
HydrocollatorChattanooga Group2302
HydrocollatorChattanooga Group2402
HydrocollatorChattanooga Group2402C
HydrocollatorChattanooga GroupM-2
HydrocollatorChattanooga GroupSS-2
HydrocollatorCore Products International Inc.2511
Infusion PumpBaxter Healthcare CorporationNovumIQ
Infusion Pump – GeneralAlaris Medical Systems8100DXEN91177
Infusion Pump – GeneralBaxter Healthcare CorporationSigma Spectrum
Infusion Pump – GeneralQ Core Medical LTD15032-000-0001
Infusion Pump – Mobile Systems ManagerAlaris Medical Systems8015
Infusion Pump – PainSigma International Inc.Spectrum
Infusion Pump – SyringeMedex Inc.Medifusion 2010i
Interferential / Ultrasound UnitChattanooga Group2760
Interferential / Ultrasound UnitMettler Electronics CorporationME 930
Interferential / Ultrasound UnitRich-Mar CorporationWinner EVO CM2
Interferential / Ultrasound UnitZimmer Elektromedizin Corp.Soleo Sono Stim
Interferential UnitAmerican IMEXinterspec-If
Interferential UnitChattanooga GroupLegend STIM
Interferential UnitExcel Tech Ltd.ISO-3
Interferential UnitExcel Tech Ltd.MU-3
Interferential UnitSterne Medical EquipmentNeurotrain SNT-3
Irrigation PumpBMIEGP-100P
LaryngoscopeHeine GermanyF-008.22.820
LaserChattanooga Group2784
LaserExcel Tech Ltd.Omnistim
LaserMedx Electronics Inc.MBM 1100
Laser ProbeChattanooga Group27840
Laser ProbeMedx Electronics Inc.MCT 601
Laser ProbeMedx Electronics Inc.MCT502
Light SourcePentax Canada Inc.EPK-i5010
Light SourceWelch AllynGS300
Medical Gas System – AlarmAMICO CorporationALERT 2
Medical Gas System – Main Isolation SwitchAMICO CorporationO2 / N2O / Suction
Medical Gas System – Main Isolation SwitchAMICO CorporationO2 / Suction
Medical Gas System – OutletAMICO CorporationO2
Medication WorkstationCapsa SolutionsMX40
Neuromuscular StimulatorChattanooga GroupIntelect NMES
Neuromuscular StimulatorCompass Health BrandsEMS 7500
Neuromuscular StimulatorEmpi Inc.300PV
Neuromuscular StimulatorEveryway Medical Instruments Co., LTDN607
Nitrous Gas Delivery SystemMDS MatrxMDM
Nitrous Gas Delivery SystemMDS MatrxRA
Nitrous Gas Delivery SystemPorter Instruments Co.2000
Nitrous Gas Delivery SystemPorter Instruments Division94500150
Ophthalmoscope / OtoscopeCross Canada71900
Ophthalmoscope / OtoscopeWelch Allyn60300
Ophthalmoscope / OtoscopeWelch Allyn71050-C
Ophthalmoscope / OtoscopeWelch Allyn74710
Ophthalmoscope / OtoscopeWelch Allyn767
Ophthalmoscope / OtoscopeWelch Allyn767 Series
Ophthalmoscope / OtoscopeWelch AllynGS 777
Ophthalmoscope / OtoscopeWelch AllynN/A
Overhead LightPelton & Crane Co.HAT
Patient Data ModuleMindray Co. LTD.115-030770-00
Patient Data ModuleMindray Co. LTD.115-048924-00
Patient Data ModuleMindray Co. LTD.CO2 Module (115-030767-00)
Patient Data ModulePhilips HealthcareM3001A
Patient Data ModuleRespironics Inc.LoFlo
Patient MonitorBpTRU Medical DevicesBPM100
Patient MonitorMindray Co. LTD.ePM 10M (9204E-PA00007)
Patient MonitorMindray Co. LTD.Passport 8 (6104F-PA00015)
Patient MonitorPhilips Medical SystemsMX450
Patient MonitorWelch Allyn53NTO
Patient MonitorWelch Allyn6000 Series
Patient MonitorWelch Allyn74CT
Patient MonitorWelch AllynSPOT VITAL SIGNS (42NTB)
Patient Monitor – AgentPhilips HealthcareM1013A
Patient Monitor – Agent / ECG / NIBP / Printer / SPO2Edan Instruments Inc.iM50
Patient Monitor – Agent / ECG / NIBP / SPO2 / TempDatex Instruments Corp.Cardiocap 5
Patient Monitor – CO2 / ECG / NIBP / Printer / SPO2 / TempMindray Co. LTD.Passport 8 (6104F-PA00001)
Patient Monitor – ECG / NIBP / Printer / SPO2Mindray Co. LTD.Passport 8
Patient Monitor – ECG / NIBP / Printer / SPO2 / TempMindray Co. LTD.Passport 8 (6104F-PA00015)
Patient Monitor – ECG / NIBP / SPO2Philips HealthcareMP30
Patient Monitor – ECG / NIBP / SPO2 / TempMindray Co. LTD.Passport 12 (6105F-PA00022)
Patient Monitor – ECG / NIBP / SPO2 / Temp / PrinterWelch AllynPropaq CS
Patient Monitor – NIBPBpTRU Medical DevicesBPM100
Patient Monitor – NIBPCriticare Systems Inc.506N2
Patient Monitor – NIBP / Printer / SPO2Edan Instruments Inc.M3
Patient Monitor – NIBP / SPO2Edan Instruments Inc.M3
Patient Monitor – NIBP / SPO2Philips HealthcareSureSigns VS2+
Patient Monitor – NIBP / SPO2Welch Allyn42M0B
Patient Monitor – NIBP / SPO2 / PrinterShenzhen Mindray Bio-Medical Electronics Co., LTD.PM-8000 Express
Patient Monitor – NIBP / SPO2 / PrinterShenzhen Mindray Bio-Medical Electronics Co., LTD.VS-800
Patient Monitor – NIBP / SPO2 / PrinterWelch Allyn53N00-E1
Patient Monitor – NIBP / SPO2 / TempHill-RomSpot Vital Signs 4400
Patient Monitor – NIBP / SPO2 / TempWelch Allyn42MTB
Patient Monitor – NIBP / SPO2 / TempWelch Allyn42NTB
Patient Monitor – NIBP / SPO2 / TempWelch Allyn73WE / REF901058
Patient Monitor – NIBP / SPO2 / TempWelch Allyn901058 (Connex Spot Monitor)
Patient Monitor – NIBP / SPO2 / TempWelch Allyn901058(Connex Spot Monitor)
Patient Monitor – NIBP / SPO2 / TempWelch AllynConnex Spot Monitor
Patient Monitor – NIBP / TempWelch AllynSpot Lxi 45MTO
Pulley SystemAthena Manufacturing & Design Inc.N/A
Pulley SystemHanoun Medical inc.,N/A
Pulley SystemN/AN/A
Pulley SystemSaba Medical0055
Pulley SystemSaba MedicalWall
Pulley SystemSteens PhysicalWall
Pulse OximeterBodymedBDM0XMTRBLU
Pulse OximeterEdan Instruments Inc.H100
Pulse OximeterGloCommerceToronTek B400
Pulse OximeterNellcor Puritan BennettNPB-40
Pulse OximeterNonin Medical Inc9590
Pulse OximeterSmiths Medical ASD INC.WW1000EN
Refrigerator (2°C – 8°C)HaierHYC-390
Room Air SupplyTRH ServicesN/A
Scale – AdultCardinal Scale Manufacturing CoDetecto
Scale – AdultDetectoDR400C
Scale – AdultHealth O meter Professional500KL
Scale – AdultHealth-O-Meter349KLX
Scale – AdultHealth-O-Meter450KL
Scale – AdultHealth-O-Meter500KL
Scale – AdultSeca150KG/330LB
Scale – AdultSeca GmbH700 1321998
Scale – AdultSeca GmbH8691321004
Scale – InfantHealth O meter Professional524KL
Scale – InfantHealth-O-Meter549KL
Scale – InfantSeca354
Scale – InfantSeca GmbH334 1321008
Splinting UnitNorth Coast Medical IncSplint Form 2000
Splinting UnitThermo ElectricForma Splint
Stop WatchFisherbrandEFC16720
Stop WatchThermProN/A
StretcherTechlem Medical System Inc5000
Suction RegulatorAMICO CorporationSRA-CH
Suction RegulatorGentec Healthcare882VR-760-DHE-D
Suction RegulatorOhio Medical CorporationSuction Regulator
Suction RegulatorOhmedaSuction Regulator
Suction UnitDeVilbiss Healthcare LLC7305P-D
Suction UnitGomco3040
Suction UnitLaerdal Medical AsLSU
Temperature MonitorBerlinger & Co. AGFridge Tag 2L
Temperature MonitorControl Solutions Inc.LogTag (TRED30-16R)
Temperature MonitorTraceableFisherbrand
TENS UnitAdvanTeq Development CorpAdvanteq II
TENS UnitChattanooga GroupINTELECT TENS
TENS UnitCompass Health BrandsTwin Stim
TENS UnitEmpi Inc.DYNEX 1V
TENS UnitITO Co., Ltd.IC-1107
ThermometerWelch Allyn679
ThermometerWelch Allyn690
ThermometerWelch AllynPRO 6000
ThermometerWelch AllynSure Temp
ThermometerWelch AllynThermoscan
Thermometer – OralWelch Allyn690
Thermometer – OralWelch Allyn690 Thermometer
Thermometer – OralWelch AllynSure Temp Plus
Thermometer – TympanicAlaris Medical Systems2090B
Thermometer – TympanicAlaris Medical Systems2090E
Thermometer – TympanicIvac Corporation2090E
Thermometer – TympanicWelch AllynBraun Thermoscan Pro 6000
Thermometer – TympanicWelch AllynPRO 4000
Thermometer – TympanicWelch AllynPRO 6000
Traction MachineChattanooga GroupMP-1
Traction MachineChattanooga GroupT-700
Traction MachineChattanooga GroupTRITON #4739
Traction TableChattanooga GroupADP-400
Traction TableChattanooga GroupTRE-24
TreadmillBiodex Medical Systems, Inc.RTM-500 #2
TreadmillLife FitnessTR-9500
TreadmillTrue Fitness Technologies Inc.TCS400
Treatment BedCardon Rehabilition and Medical Equipment LTD.CTT
Treatment BedCardon Rehabilition and Medical Equipment LTD.CTT – R27627
Treatment BedCardon Rehabilition and Medical Equipment LTD.R27627
Treatment BedChattanooga GroupTRT-300
Treatment BedFollo Industries A/S4192-2
Treatment BedMedelco IncEL2000
Treatment BedMedi Plinth LTD.11713-605
Treatment BedMed-Ortho Design & Manufacturing Ltd28535
Treatment BedMetron Medical Australia Pty Ltd.Aster – T7410
Treatment BedMetron Medical Australia Pty Ltd.T8718W
Treatment BedN/AN/A
Treatment BedNor-Am Patient Care Products Ltd.FLR
Treatment BedSeers Medical LimitedST3566-115T-1WF
Treatment TableChattanooga GroupADP-100
Treatment TableChattanooga GroupMONTANE #3521
Treatment TableChattanooga GroupMONTANE #3531
Treatment TableChattanooga GroupMontane #3581 (large)
Treatment TableChattanooga GroupMONTANE 3531
Treatment TableChattanooga GroupMONTANE# 3531
Treatment TableChattanooga GroupMONTANE-3531
Treatment TableChattanooga GroupTRE-DH3
Treatment TableChattanooga GroupTRT-300
Treatment TableMidland Manufacturing Company LTD2226A
Treatment TableMidmark Corporation204-012
Treatment TableMidmark Corporation222-016
Treatment TableWatson enterprizesComfort
Treatment TableWilliams Healthcare Systems440
Ultrasound MachineChattanooga Group2738
Ultrasound Machine – TherapeuticBTL Industries IncBTL 4000 Smart
Ultrasound Machine – TherapeuticBTL Industries IncBTL-4000
Ultrasound Machine – TherapeuticChattanooga Group2776
Ultrasound Machine – TherapeuticChattanooga Group2782
Ultrasound Machine – TherapeuticChattanooga GroupIntelect Transport (#2782)
Ultrasound Machine – TherapeuticChattanooga GroupLEGEND US
Ultrasound Machine – TherapeuticExcel Tech Ltd.Ultra SX
Ultrasound Machine – TherapeuticITO Co., Ltd.US-751
Ultrasound Machine – TherapeuticMetron Medical Australia Pty Ltd.AP170
Ultrasound Machine – TherapeuticRich-Mar CorporationTherasound
Vacuum RegulatorAMICO CorporationSRA-CHID-DH
Vacuum RegulatorOhmedaVacuum Regulator
Vaporizer – IsofluraneDatex-OhmedaTec 7
Vaporizer – SevofluraneDatex-OhmedaAladin 2 (1100-9032-000)
Vaporizer – SevofluraneDatex-OhmedaTec 7
Waste Management SystemSolmeteXHG5
Weight Lifting EquipmentSchwinn Bicycle Company8400S


Here is a partial list of Cities we visied

Partial List of Cities attended
North YorkOntario
Owen SoundON
Parry SoundOntario
St. CatharinesOntario
St. CatherinesOntario


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Written by: Tyler Hasenpflug CET