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An Approach to Customer Service

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At TRH Services it is our necessary goal to always put the customer first and we strive to provide excellent customer service in every situation. In biomedical field service it is imperative that providing excellent customer service is given the utmost priority as it is a very large part of gauging the quality of the overall service provided once a job is complete. It is also important before a job or duty begins as having good communication with the customer ensures that they are receiving all the services that they require and with the quality they expect.


When considering customer service there are some questions to take into consideration. Such as; What defines a customer? What defines good customer service? What defines bad customer service?


What defines a customer?

A customer is a person, organization, or an organizations employee who purchases, consumes or utilizes a product, goods or services.


What are some conditions for providing good customer service?

  1. Respond as quickly as possible:

Studies show that companies who have faster response rates to their customers also have the most satisfied customers. This shows that the customer is important to the organization and that the organization is willing and is interested in answering any questions or concerns the customer may have.


  1. Know your customers:

Getting to know your customers wants and needs is a great way to begin personalizing your approach of service for a specific demographic of customer to get them on board with a product or service.


  1. Fix your mistakes:

Owning up to mistakes and correcting them shows the customer transparency, which is important in business. By being open with the customer allows a trust to develop between the customer and the organization making them more likely to be satisfied with the outcome and also recommend your services to others.


  1. Go the extra mile:

Going the extra mile means to do something beyond what is expected. This could be (in terms of biomedical engineering) providing manuals, extra parts or service contracts along with the purchase of a device. Going the extra mile is a good way to make the customer happy and possibly keep them in sights for future business.


  1. Think long-term:

Thinking long-term and keeping the customer happy will keep them on board for future business and will also provide a chance for other business if they discuss their satisfaction with customer service to others.


What are some conditions for providing bad customer service?

  1. Attitude:

Showing that you are happy to help the customer goes a long way. A good interaction between the customer and the service representative has a substantial impact on their overall experience.


  1. Delayed Response:

As previously discussed, responding in a timely manner is extremely important to the overall customer experience. Having delayed response times shows the customer that the organization has poor customer service and that their business is not important. This gives them the opportunity to give their business to another organization.


  1. Environment:

If an organization has a poor work environment it can affect team moral and can also cause the customer to lose trust in their services. This also means personal presentation. Presenting yourself in a professional manner goes a long way for a customer, especially with a first impression.