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Issues with Disposable Prophy Angles

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As I am sure that everyone is well aware of the number of disposable prophy’s on the dental market today, with the vast majority on the market coming in different shapes and sizes.  The main problem with all of the selection that is available on the market is determining which ones have a higher quality level and which prophy angles have a weak performance level.

To help resolve a number of complaints that we have received from our customers, we have put together a list of disposable prophy angle brands that work well with our Sable products that we sell.  By using one of these recommended brands it will help reduce the fatigue on the plastic shafts inside, and will make a better connection with the prophy.

  • Nupro
  • Premier
  • Butler
  • Sultan
  • Young
  • Schein Acclean
  • Pivot
  • Ecotex

Moving forward, it is always important to note that friction grip connections are going to fail as they typically have a problem when two different materials come in contact with each other.  When the density of two materials is drastically different it typically causes a large amount of wear to occur on the less dense material.

The last item to mention is lubrication on both ends of your prophy to ensure that everything will keep running smoothly after each use to prevent premature wear.

All of our Sable products that we sell come with a 1 year warranty.

The TRH Value

The added value of choosing TRH Services to complete maintenance on your dental units and high speed hand pieces is that we test all high speed hand pieces that are present at the time of the service call.  We complete our onsite service of these devices across South-Western Ontario (London, Toronto, Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, Hamilton, etc.).