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Generator Test Log

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Free Form is Here (Generator Test Log)

Do you have an Electrical Generator? If you do you can use our free form.

Here is a brief list of key items to review when testing your generator:

Oil Levels:

Check oil levels and ensure they are within the recommended range.

If low, add the appropriate oil type per the manufacturer’s instructions.


Block Heaters:

Inspect block heaters for any damage or malfunction.

Test the block heaters to ensure they operate correctly, especially during cold weather.

Running a temperature:


Operating Temperature:

Monitor the generator’s running temperature during operation.

Ensure it stays within the specified operating range.

If the temperature exceeds the recommended limit, promptly investigate and address the issue.



Check fuel levels and ensure an adequate supply for the generator.

Monitor fuel consumption and refill as necessary.


Fuel Quality and Filters:

Regularly inspect the fuel for any signs of contamination or degradation.

Replace fuel filters as recommended by the manufacturer.


Battery Levels:

Check the battery charge levels and ensure they are sufficient for starting the generator.

Clean and inspect battery terminals for corrosion or damage.

Additional Notes/Comments: [Add any specific observations or maintenance tasks performed during the inspection.]


By using this form to track monthly inspections, you can maintain a record of the generator’s maintenance activities and identify any potential issues that require attention. Consider the generator’s manual or manufacturer’s guidelines for specific maintenance instructions.