Electrical Safety Testing

Electrical Safety Testing The main purpose of performing an electrical safety test on medical equipment is to ensure patient safety.  It is important to test equipment for any electrical internal breakdowns and leakage currents, as well as damage to power … Read More

Safety Issue in Electrotherapy

One of the key questions that we are asked on a regular basis is what are the safety issues associated with Electrotherapy?  Now electrotherapy covers IFC (Interferential therapy), TENS Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation), EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation), and NMS (Neuro … Read More

Message from the President

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To Our Valued Customers, Being part of a small business, there is a wide range of benefits that accompany the territory. At this moment in time, the greatest visible benefit as an owner is witnessing the extent to which TRH … Read More

System Upgrades

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Increasing Efficiency, Decreasing Costs Corporations who change with the times, grow with the times. Greater efficiency has the potential to be the biggest cost-reducing proponent in a business, depending on your company’s goal. Written into the TRH mission statement is … Read More

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