Pulse Oximetry

  What is Pulse Oximetry? Pulse oximetry is a non-invasive test procedure that is used to measure a person’s oxygen saturation levels in their blood. It works by detecting the amount of oxygen bonded hemoglobin cells that are in a … Read More

Scavenging Systems

Scavenging Systems In today’s veterinary offices it is important to implement a reliable and fully operational scavenging system to complement your medical gas system.  The reason for the scavenging system is to remove the wasted anesthetic gas form the sedated … Read More

Expiration Dates for PM Documents and PM Labels

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Expiration Dates for PM Documents and PM Labels   This document explains all information related to the expiry dates on our preventative maintenance labels, and our preventative maintenance reports.   Preventative Maintenance Documents All preventative maintenance documents are good for … Read More

An Approach to Customer Service

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At TRH Services it is our necessary goal to always put the customer first and we strive to provide excellent customer service in every situation. In biomedical field service it is imperative that providing excellent customer service is given the … Read More